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Berber style decoration, definition and advice

The Berber style is a form of interior decoration characteristic of the Maghreb. It is characterized by its colorful geometric patterns, thick fabrics and solid wood furniture. The most commonly used colors are red, orange and blue. The Berber style is a unique way to decorate your home and make you feel at home.

The Berber style: a definition

The Berber style takes its inspiration from the cultures of the Maghreb and the Sahara. There are elements of Berber culture, such as geometric patterns, tattoos, jewelry, carpets, fabrics and pottery. The Berber style is characterized by its simplicity, rusticity and beauty.

If you want to incorporate elements of this style into your decoration, it is important not to overdo it. Indeed, the Berber style is characterized by its simplicity. Choose natural colors and raw materials.

You can, for example, choose raw wood furniture, natural cotton fabrics or colored pottery. To give more character to your decoration, do not hesitate to add a few touches of color. Bright colors are especially appropriate for the Berber style. You can, for example, choose brightly colored fabrics, colorful carpets or pottery decorated with colorful patterns.

Berber style decorative elements are generally quite rustic and they can sometimes seem a little rudimentary. However, they are often very beautiful and can bring an exotic touch to your decoration. If you want to incorporate elements of this style into your decoration, it is important to choose your pieces carefully. Indeed, the Berber style can easily be associated with a decor that is a little too busy. So favor simple and refined pieces.

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Tips and tricks for a Berber decoration

If you want to create a Berber interior, here are some tips and tricks to follow:

Choose bright, contrasting colors. The walls are often painted white or beige, in order to highlight the decorative elements. Fabrics and rugs are colorful and adorned with intricate geometric patterns.

Use light to your advantage. Lanterns and candelabras are essential elements of the Berber style. They diffuse a subdued light which creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere .

Be resourceful in the use of space. Furniture is often placed on mats or carpets, in order to delimit the different living spaces. The walls can be used to hang lanterns, rugs or colorful fabrics.

Opt for handmade furniture and accessories. The Berbers are renowned for their craftsmanship. Furniture is often hand carved from natural materials such as wood, stone and leather. Fabrics are hand woven and rugs are hand woven.

Let your imagination guide you. The Berber style is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Let yourself be inspired by the colors, shapes & textures of nature and Berber culture.

The history of the Berber style

Berber accessories

The Berber style is a form of interior decoration characteristic of the Maghreb, the northwestern region of Africa comprising the countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The elements of this style are inspired by the nature and traditions of the Berber peoples, the indigenous inhabitants of the Maghreb. The Berber style decoration is characterized by bright colors and geometric patterns. The walls are often adorned with tapestries or colorful paintings, and the floors are covered with carpets or woven mats. The furniture is made of solid wood, often carved or inlaid with mother-of-pearl or metal. The fixtures are made of copper or wrought iron, and the fabrics are wool or cotton. Berber style decorative elements are often used to create a contrast with more minimalist and modern interiors. They can be used alone or combined to create a more stylish effect. Interior designers often draw inspiration from this style to create warm and inviting interiors.

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Berber style today

The Berber style, also known as the North African style, is a style of interior decoration characterized by its bright colors, geometric patterns and rich fabrics. This unique style is increasingly popular in modern homes as it brings an exotic and warm touch to any space. If you want to create Berber decor in your home, it's important to understand the key elements of the style. Then you can choose the furniture, fabrics and accessories that will best fit your space.


Bright colors and contrasts are an important characteristic of the Berber style. The walls are usually painted in white, blue or bright orange, which helps to create a striking contrast with the furniture and colorful fabrics.

The reasons

Geometric patterns are also very present in the Berber style. Fabrics, carpets and furniture are often decorated with patterns in the shape of diamonds, circles or triangles. These patterns can be plain or colored, depending on your taste.


Berber wool

Berber fabrics are usually made of cotton or wool, which makes them very comfortable. Colorful and patterned fabrics are used to create an exotic and warm look. Cushions, curtains and rugs are often in Berber fabric, which helps to create a harmonious decor.

The furniture

Wooden furniture is common in the Berber style. Tables, chairs and cabinets are usually decorated with geometric patterns. Wrought iron furniture is also popular, as it brings an exotic touch to any interior.


The Berber style is a traditional interior decoration from the Maghreb, characterized by its bright colors, geometric patterns and cotton or woolen fabrics. The furniture is generally made of raw wood and the walls are decorated with tapestries and mosaics. The Berber style is warm and welcoming, and can be easily adapted to contemporary decor.

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