Ceiling lights are a very important decorative element, because they are the main light in your interior. Having oriental-type lighting immediately gives your decoration an atmosphere worthy of Berber countries, the Maghreb or the Middle East.
At décorateur-oriental.fr we select the best possible ceiling lights, because we are aware of their importance in your oriental decoration.
Most of our lights are therefore mosaic and handcrafted by Arab artisans of various origins.
We have different types of ceiling light:

They are all three similar in their design and yet they each have some differences due to their origin.

Oriental ceiling lights: specificities

Our oriental ceiling lights originate from the Middle East. Besides, they are also mosaic and handmade by local artisans.

Like Moroccan lights, oriental lights are very colorful, but they feature more varied colors, sometimes less warm than the others.

An oriental ceiling light will blend perfectly into a more classic decor, although it is more out of place in an oriental decoration.