Décoration Mariage Exotique : L'Art d'une Célébration Inoubliable - Décoration Oriental

Exotic Wedding Decoration: The Art of an Unforgettable Celebration


Marriage is a unique moment, a passage that deserves an unforgettable celebration. For lovers of distant cultures, the exotic theme presents itself as an invitation to travel. Through careful decoration, a whole universe opens up, mixing escape, reverie and emotion.

1. The essence of an exotic wedding

Exoticism: an opening to the world

Beyond simple aesthetics, choosing an exotic theme means expressing your open-mindedness, your curiosity for rich and varied cultures. It's a way of transporting guests to a unique universe, for a ceremony that is unlike any other.

Diversity of inspirations

Asia, Africa, the Orient... each continent has its own treasures, patterns, textures and emblematic colors. To immerse oneself in this diversity is to offer a rich and changing spectacle to one's guests.

Oriental decoration

2. Choice of reception venue

Search for authenticity

Each place has its soul. For a successful exotic decoration, it is important to choose a space which, by its architecture or its environment, reinforces the change of scenery.

Personalization of the place

Of course, with the right decorating tips and the right inspirations, any space can be adapted to the exotic theme. Hangings, rugs, cushions... every detail counts to create this special atmosphere.

3. Color scheme

The unavoidable

Warm tones such as ochre, copper and terracotta harmonize wonderfully with touches of turquoise blue or emerald green, evoking distant landscapes.

Play on contrasts

The harmony of a decoration also lies in the art of contrasts. Combining bright colors with more neutral shades, such as beige or gray, can highlight the strong elements of the decor.

4. Table decoration

Tableware and textiles

Opt for plates with oriental motifs, colored glasses and richly patterned textiles. The choice of a silk tablecloth, embellished with embroidery, can make all the difference.


A beautiful centerpiece is what catches the eye. Think exotic flower arrangements, surrounded by small lanterns or oriental candlesticks.

5. Lighting and ambiance

Lanterns and candles

From Moroccan lanterns to scented candles, these elements create a subdued and mysterious atmosphere, conducive to daydreaming.

Shadow games

The use of openwork objects or screens can create plays of shadows on the walls, thus adding a poetic and bewitching dimension to the decoration.

Oriental decoration

6. Flowers and vegetation

Choice of flowers

Damask roses, orchids, jasmine... each flower brings its fragrant note and its colorful touch.

Luxurious vegetation

Imagine compositions with palm leaves, ferns or bamboo. They will give a wild and natural touch to the whole.

8. Signage and stationery

Harmony of designs

From the invitation to the menu through the table plan, each element must be part of an aesthetic continuity.

Patterns and gilding

The geometric and floral patterns, as well as the golden touches, are all elements reminiscent of the exotic universe.

9. Entertainment and surprises for guests

Music and dance

Nothing like bewitching melodies and traditional dances to transport guests.

Personalized gifts

Small exotic tea bags, oriental jewellery, or even fans, can be so many small presents to thank the guests.


In short, an exotic wedding is a promise of escape and refinement. Through each detail, it is a story, a journey that we offer to our guests. A trip that remains etched in our memories, like an enchanted parenthesis in the tumult of our lives.


Is it necessary to have a big budget for an exotic decoration?

Not necessarily. The main thing is to carefully choose the key elements to create the desired atmosphere.

What are the best months for an exotic outdoor wedding?

Warm, sunny months like May through September are ideal for taking full advantage of the theme.

Can I mix different cultures in my decoration?

Of course! Exoticism is a mixture of cultures. The important thing is to do it with taste and respect.

What music to choose to stay in the exotic theme?

Think about the traditional music of the countries that inspire you, whether it's oriental, African or Asian melodies.

How to choose the flowers for my decoration?

Orient yourself towards exotic flowers such as orchids, jasmine, or even Damask roses.

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