Collection: Moroccan hanging

Moroccan, Berber and even North African tapestries more generally will have rather warm hues reminiscent of the Sahara.

Yellow, orange, brown and sometimes red will be the dominant colors of these fabrics coming from the south of the Mediterranean. Their patterns will be simpler and less representative than their ethnic sisters.

On Moroccan wall hangings, you will mainly find floral motifs, stars or representing the sun in the form of an arabesque.

They are also made in Morocco by local artisans.

How to use a Moroccan wall hanging?

Moroccan wall tapestries are very varied. Most of them are elegant and will go perfectly with a classic North African decor. The colours, patterns and formats are all very different.

That said, we can say that their place is in an oriental decoration and in a cozy and warm environment such as a bedroom or a living room.

If you want to embellish your decoration more in depth, perhaps our Moroccan pottery will please you.