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Organizing an Oriental Wedding: Ideas, Tips and Decorations for a Perfect Reception

With the boom in themed weddings, now is the time for you to discover the wonderful possibilities that an oriental union can offer you. An oriental wedding decoration can be very beautiful and add a touch of culture and exoticism to your ceremony.

Like any other type of wedding, the oriental wedding requires preparation as well as good organization. In this article, we are going to cover all the information to plan an unforgettable oriental wedding. We will also share tips for creating a warm and romantic ambiance day and night!

What are the elements to consider when organizing an oriental theme?

When planning to organize an oriental wedding, there are several criteria to consider.

style and colors

Oriental wedding colors

One of the first parameters to be determined is the style and color that will suit the bride and groom and their theme. Bright, vibrant colors, such as red , orange , and yellow, are very popular in Orientalism. In some Middle Eastern countries, darker tones are more suitable, as they embody calm and tranquility. Another thing to consider is the type of flowers that will be used to complete the desired decoration.

The decoration

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Apart from colors and style, decoration is an essential element to create an oriental atmosphere. Accessories such as garlands , wall hangings, rugs and lanterns and candles will go a long way in transforming a simple reception hall into an authentic oriental wedding destination. You'll also need to find the right boxes and gifts to suit your theme and country of origin. In addition, hire a painter to draw traditional patterns on the walls or tables to add an artistic touch to your decoration.

The menu

A menu must also be chosen to accompany the theme of the wedding. Oriental dishes are very diverse and varied, and it is possible to find dishes for all tastes. Popular foods in the Middle East include rice , feta , roast mutton, onion kofta, and fatoosh salad. Classic sweets such as dolma and baklava are also popular.

What is the ideal place to host an oriental reception?

Location for oriental wedding

One of the greatest sources of inspiration for an oriental reception is often found in the setting. A reception hall located near a historic site or a charming Middle Eastern town can provide an ideal backdrop. An exotic, color-rich surround provides the perfect tones to complement the theme.

Another option is to find a large reception hall with interesting architectural features such as carved walls, glass floor lamps, or arched hallways . These spaces are very versatile and you can use them to add a magical touch to the desired atmosphere. Discover our oriental decorations

You can also determine the type of furniture to place there, the soft furnishings and the accessories such as designer lamps that you need to complete the experience you are looking for. To this effect, add decorative elements such as cushions , carpets and fabrics from your oriental wedding to give a touch of color to the whole room.

How to find the right wedding boxes and gifts?

wedding gift boxes

Wedding boxes are also part of the decor at an oriental wedding. An interesting option is to use themed boxes such as those decorated with different patterns and colors typical of each country. Objects such as jewellery , mirrors and decorative items form a good alternative for an original gift.

Maps are also a great source of inspiration. You can easily find one that represents the style and colors of the wedding theme, accompanied by a beautiful envelope to enhance your present. You can also adapt the message of the cards to make their content more personal and meaningful.

What activities can be organized during the day or at night?

Oriental wedding activities

In the morning or in the evening, there are many possibilities for fun activities that fit an oriental wedding. If you're looking for a quiet activity before it all begins, you can find entertainment like puzzle games and cultural quizzes for your guests. You can also organize very popular oriental card games such as tarneeb and solitaire .

During the day, horse-drawn carriage rides , exotic musical exercises and local folk performances are a great way to entertain your guests. For the night, you can treat your guests to fireworks shows , dance demonstrations or a traditional storytelling session. It is also possible to set up a living room to share anecdotes and explore the culture of the country. Discover our oriental decorations

When planning an oriental wedding, it is important to consider every element. The color and style will have to be determined, suitable flowers and menus will be chosen, and the best boxes and gifts will be found. An appropriate reception hall will be chosen to add a magical touch to the theme and various activities will be organized to entertain the guests.

It is always important to remember that every oriental wedding is different and every country has its own culture and customs. By taking the time to think through the details, it is possible to create the perfect wedding, party table and decoration that will make your special day one to remember forever.

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