Collection: Quranic night light

The Koranic night light is now an essential object for any Muslim family. Because of its functionalities and practicalities, it is convenient to learn Quran, listen to Quran verses at any time.

Why buy a Quranic night light?

Popular and loved by all, these are the two qualifiers that sits the best to the Koranic night lights. It must be said that these Islamic electronic equipment have everything to please:

  • They are easy to use

With Quranic night lights, you don't need any technical knowledge or skills to operate them; just place them on your desk or bedside table and turn them on!

  • They are not expensive

Koranic lamps, despite their multiple functions, are very accessible. Depending on the model, they are sold at affordable prices.

  • They are versatile

If you think the Quranic night light is limited to reciting the Quran, then think again. Indeed, a premium quality Quranic night light can not only tackle this task, but also offer users a myriad of other functions.

For example, there are Quranic night lights capable of recalling prayer times, of translating the entire Quran into several languages, of reciting hadiths. In addition, they give you the opportunity to learn dua, tafseer for each verse...

The different types of Quranic night light and how they work

Quranic night lights come in different models and designs. They can be used for religious purposes or for interior decoration.

Quranic night lights are also available in different shapes and sizes. You can thus find on the online stores a night light in the shape of a star or a night light in the shape of the Moon for example.

How to choose an Islamic night light that lasts over time?

As mentioned above, Quranic night lights come in several models. However, some stop working after only a few days of use. So, it is important to choose a Quranic night light that can work in a sustainable way. Also, depending on your needs, you can choose the Quranic speaker that suits you best.

The Koranic night light to learn the Koran and relax

We all know how much the Quran can be a source of comfort. Therefore, many families today have a Koranic night light at home. Thanks to the Quranic speaker, everyone can listen to the Holy Quran at any time, day and night included.

Installed in a bedroom, the Koranic night light allows you to relax before sleeping. Thus, it protects you and accompanies you for hours of peaceful sleep. She illuminates the room with a soft, subdued light, while reciting verses from the Koran.

For those who don't understand the Arabic language well, there is also an option with a speaker reciting the Quran in French. Thanks to the built-in clock, you have access to prayer times, depending on your location. One of the best known in this category of Quranic night lights is the Adhan night light.

The Islamic night light for babies

The Quranic baby night light is a modern and interactive product. It allows you to introduce your child to the Holy Quran. By using this Quran night light, you can make learning the holy book fun and easy for your child. It can be a very good gift for children who are learning to read and write as well as for those who are just starting their Islamic education.

The Quranic baby night light also uses the power of the Quran to calm children and help them sleep peacefully. The suras of the Koran are recited in several languages, and by different imams, which is soothing for children.

The personalized Koranic lamp

At the same time, we have the Quranic night lights personalized with your name or the name of your loved ones. However, if you wish to stick to the strict functions of a Quranic speaker, the classic versions will do.

Decorate your room with our " Ayat al Kursi " decorations to go with your night light.