Collection: Oriental painting

Above all, we must specify that the site has no religious vocation. The presentation of Koranic, Islamic and Muslim paintings in this collection is simply intended to allow our audience to find everything they are looking for in terms of oriental decoration on this site.

Paintings are decorative elements that allow you to decorate and embellish an interior in a particular style.

Having oriental paintings at home is sure to create an atmosphere and ambiance worthy of southern Mediterranean countries. In our collection of paintings, we have:

Each of them has its specific characteristics. They are all different and originate from the country from which the style is inspired.

What are the specificities of an oriental painting?

Oriental canvases are generally calligraphies representing Koranic verses.

Calligraphy is an Arab ancestral art that is increasingly misunderstood and little mastered.
Having this kind of painting at home, if you are Muslim, is very reassuring and pleasant.

These oriental paintings will create an Arabic atmosphere and give an original touch to your interior.


Bring a touch of orientalism to your interior decoration with our collection of oriental paintings. All our paintings are made by passionate artists and inspired by oriental cultures. We offer a wide selection of paintings representing scenes of life, landscapes, architectures and emblematic symbols of the Orient.

The different styles of tables

Tables of scenes of life

We offer paintings representing scenes of daily life in Eastern countries, such as colorful markets, traditional festivals or folk dances. These paintings are rich in color and detail, and create a warm and friendly atmosphere in your interior.

landscape paintings

Our collection also includes paintings representing oriental landscapes, such as deserts, oases, mountains or lush gardens. These paintings are perfect for giving an impression of escape and a change of scenery in your room.

Architecture paintings

We also have paintings representing oriental architectures, such as mosques, temples or palaces. These paintings are ideal for giving an impression of elegance and sophistication to your interior.

Oriental symbol charts

Finally, our collection also includes paintings representing oriental symbols, such as calligraphy, mandalas or even symbolic animals. These paintings are perfect for bringing a touch of spirituality and mystery to your room.


How to choose the oriental painting that best suits my interior decoration?

It is important to take into account several criteria to choose the painting that best suits your interior decoration. First of all, you can base yourself on the dominant colors of your room to choose a table that harmonizes well with the whole. Then you can take into account the general style of your interior decoration and choose a painting that matches this style. Finally, do not hesitate to choose a table that reflects your tastes and personal preferences.

How to hang an oriental painting?

To hang an oriental painting, it is important to choose the appropriate location according to the size and style of the painting. If the painting is large, it can be hung above a sofa or a sideboard, while if the painting is small in size, it can be hung alone or in a group with other paintings. It is also important to pay attention to the height of the hanging so that the painting is clearly visible and that it fits harmoniously into the space.

How to maintain an oriental painting?

To maintain an oriental painting, it is important to dust it regularly with a soft, dry cloth. If the painting is framed, it is also important to regularly clean the frame with a soft cloth. Avoid placing the painting in a room that is too humid or sunny, as this may damage the colors and texture of the painting.

What is the quality of the oriental paintings offered by Oriental Decorator?

All our oriental paintings are made by passionate and experienced artists, and are made from top quality materials. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, in order to guarantee total satisfaction to our customers. In addition, we offer competitive prices so that everyone can access quality oriental interior decoration.