Above all, we must specify that the Decorateur-Oriental.fr site has no religious vocation. The presentation of Koranic, Islamic and Muslim paintings in this collection is simply intended to allow our audience to find everything they are looking for in terms of oriental decoration on this site.

Paintings are decorative elements that allow you to decorate and embellish an interior in a particular style.

Having oriental paintings at home is sure to create an atmosphere and ambiance worthy of southern Mediterranean countries. In our collection of paintings we have:

Each of them has its specific characteristics. They are all different and originate from the country from which the style is inspired.

What are the specificities of an oriental painting?

Oriental canvases are generally calligraphies representing Koranic verses.

Calligraphy is an Arab ancestral art that is increasingly misunderstood and little mastered.
Having this kind of painting at home, if you are Muslim, is very reassuring and pleasant.

These oriental paintings will create an Arabic atmosphere and give an original touch to your interior.