Collection: Oriental Blanket

Blankets are part of the identity of a bedroom or living room.

In the East, the locals tend to cover their sofa, armchair and bed with sofa throws, plaids or other bedspreads in order to give a little color to their decoration.

Without forgetting the comfortable aspect of a good soft and warm plaid, the patterned blankets like the ones we offer are perfect to be integrated into your oriental decor and color your interior.

We have:
  • Ethnic plaids ;
  • Moroccan blankets;
  • Ethnic blankets;
  • Turkish blankets;
  • Oriental Plaids;

Of course, we also have sofa throws, armchair throws, bedspreads, etc.

Where do our oriental blankets come from?

Oriental bedspreads come to us from the Middle East. There, the colors are less warm than in Berber countries. We will more generally find plaids in green, blue or yellow colors.

Armchair and sofa throws are also very common in these areas. Especially in Lebanon and the Emirates, which is why you will find many in our catalog.

Don't forget that, in hot countries, blankets, plaids, etc., have almost exclusively decorative roles. That's why they are so colorful and detailed. They are made to create a beautiful oriental decor.

How to choose your oriental blanket?

To choose your oriental blanket, nothing could be simpler. You just have to consider your personal tastes while keeping in mind that your cushions and rugs will have to match your headboard.

Instead, choose colors and patterns that are soothing to your eyes, so your room will look like you and this will contribute to falling asleep and peaceful sleep.

As for throws, make sure they match your cushions and rug or sofa and chair.