Collection: Oriental Lantern

Lanterns and photophores are typically oriental decorative elements. They are very present in Berber and Maghreb decorations, because they bring a warm and pleasant atmosphere to the room.

Candle holders can take various forms. Table, hanging, living room or outdoor lanterns...

At, we have made sure to be as exhaustive as possible in our catalog, so that you can surely choose the ones that will best suit your oriental decoration project.

We have:

You will find in there the one that will bring a warm and authentic touch to your oriental decor.

Differences between oriental lantern and candle holder.

Oriental hanging candle holders are a bit different as they will tend to be less colorful bringing less warmth to your interior.

That said, they have increased brightness, which makes them more useful in parties with many people around the same table.

They are also often made of wrought iron which gives them very good shock resistance.

Oriental hanging tealight holders will look really good in an outdoor setting, but take care to keep them dry to prevent rust and keep the candles burning.

Thanks to them, you will spend good evenings with friends, lit by candlelight.