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Decoration on the theme of travel: Transform your interior into an ode to adventure

Travel has the power to transport us, to change us, and to enrich our vision of the world. But why not capture this essence and incorporate it into our living space? Thanks to a decoration on the theme of travel, you can travel without leaving your home.

Maps and world maps: A window on the world

Vintage maps are a great classic for all travel lovers. Whether old maps of the world, of a region or of a specific city, they bring a touch of retro elegance. Frame them to create a focal point or use them as wallpaper for a large wall mural.

Illuminated world maps

These globes not only offer a decorative element, but also a source of soft light, ideal for a subdued atmosphere in the evening. They can be placed on a coffee table, a desk or even hung.

Oriental decoration

Memorabilia: Treasures from your adventures

There's nothing like displaying objects purchased during your travels to personalize your decoration. Whether sculptures, pottery or textiles, each object tells a story, your story.

Travel pictures

Don't forget your own photos! They reflect your adventures and deserve to be highlighted. Go for large framed prints or create a photo wall with different sizes and frames.

Furniture and textiles: Escape through materials

Integrate furniture or textiles from your favorite destinations. A Berber rug, a Moroccan pouf or an Asian coffee table will bring an authentic touch to your decor.

Fabrics and patterns from around the world

Embroidered cushions from India, batik curtains from Bali or Peruvian blankets, the possibilities are endless for incorporating textiles from around the world.

Plants: A nod to the different flora

Each country has its specific flora. Why not adopt exotic plants like the Mexican cactus, the Japanese bonsai or the African ficus lyrata?

Create a traveler's corner in a dedicated space

If you have an unused room or corner, turn it into a travel space. A reading corner with travel books, postcards on the wall, and a comfortable armchair to dream of your next destination.

In conclusion, whether you are a traveler at heart or simply an admirer of the cultures of the world, transforming your interior on the theme of travel is a great way to escape from everyday life and relive your past adventures.

Oriental decoration


The decoration on the theme of travel is an invitation to escape and discovery. It makes it possible to combine memories, crafts and authentic elements to create a unique space steeped in history. By mixing elements from various cultures, one opens one's interior to the world, while constantly reminding of the adventures lived or those to come.

Travel themed decoration FAQ

1. Where to find authentic objects for a travel decoration?
Local markets on your travels are a great source. Otherwise, specialized shops or flea markets can offer imported objects.

2. How do I prevent my travel decoration from being overloaded?
The trick is to prioritize quality over quantity. Bet on a few strong pieces rather than cluttering the space with many small objects.

3. Does this style of decoration suit all interiors?
Yes, the whole thing is to know how to dose and harmonize the elements. Whether you have a modern or rustic interior, a few exotic touches can blend in harmoniously.

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