Collection: Moroccan rug

Moroccan rugs are particularly recognized in the world of oriental decoration .

Generally, they are woven in a special way, moreover their colors and the patterns are particularly sumptuous .

In this category, you will find tapestries with red and beige hues, typical of Berber countries. The Maghreb is well known for its typical , warm and gentle atmosphere.

Carpets from the south of the Mediterranean are for many, because they are at the origin, with the lights, of the general atmosphere of the room.

How to properly decorate your interior with a North African rug?

Moroccan tapestries are usually very colorful, sometimes in red, sometimes green or blue hues.

Unlike most other decorative items, a rug is what will set the overall tone of your oriental room. It is therefore not a question of adding a North African rug to your interior, but of building your decoration around it.

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