Tapis moyen orient

middle east rug

From 42,99€
Tapis turc Anatolia

Anatolia Turkish Rug

From 34,99€
tapis turc moderne

modern turkish rug

From 34,99€
Tapis turque Hereke

Turkish Hereke rug

From 34,99€
tapis turc Kars

turkish rug Kars

From 34,99€
Tapis turc kayseri

Kayseri Turkish Rug

From 34,99€
Tapis couloir turc

Turkish hallway rug

From 34,99€
tapis turc Istanbul

turkish rug istanbul

From 34,99€
tapis turc gris

gray turkish rug

From 34,99€
Tapis couloir oriental

Oriental hallway rug

From 34,99€
tapis turc bleu

blue turkish rug

From 17,99€
tapis de Turquie

turkey carpet

From 34,99€
tapis turc beige

beige turkish rug

From 34,99€
Tapis turc ancien

antique turkish rug

From 30,99€

Turkish rugs look quite different from their Eastern counterparts. Indeed, they will be less fine in their design. They sport fewer frills and patterns more geometric.

Our catalog contains a lot of different Turkish carpets, therefore, we brew a very wide range of tapestry, so you will undoubtedly find your favorite here.

If however, this is not the case, check out our collection of Azilal rugs .

Where to place a Turkish tapestry?

Turkish tapestry is made to fit anywhere, with vintage or modern designs. You can choose a Turkish carpet if your oriental decoration is quite sober and remains in fairly modern shades.

Because of their differences, Turkish floor rugs will surely be a little light in a Berber or Maghreb decoration which will tend to be much more colorful. You must therefore be careful to choose a good carpet according to the style of room you have.