Our Kilim cushions will give color to your decoration. These are very refined decorative elements that will bring a real oriental touch to your decor.

Each of its cushions is handmade and made by an Arab craftsman. You will find all kinds of kilim cushions in our large selection.

What is a Kilim Cushion?

The Kilim or Kelim is a weaving method of Indo-European and Persian origin. It is used for carpets and cushions.

A Kilim cushion is therefore a traditional Iranian object that will be woven instead of knotted. The name "Kilim" comes from the people who first invented this method. The Kilim people now live in the Middle East, particularly in Iran and Turkey.

The material can be cotton, wool, silk or goat hair. In our catalog, you will mainly find our Kilim cushions in wool, cotton or silk.

The advantage of kilim cushions is that they are beautiful, luxurious and comfortable, and do not require filling cushions .