Collection: Ethnic Chandelier

Ethnic chandeliers have simple geometric or floral designs.

They are wrought iron and glass mosaic, always handcrafted by local artisans. The ethnic name defines all hanging lamps that are neither Berber nor from the Middle East.

Generally, they come from sub-Saharan Africa. A region with a culture renowned for having a very warm and colorful atmosphere.

The particularities of our ethnic chandeliers?

Ethnic chandeliers are really colorful and serve to give a warm or festive atmosphere to your interior. The choice of your chandelier is very important to convey the right atmosphere in your decoration.

For example, a North African decoration will be rather warm, conversely a Berber decoration will be lighter, etc.
Choosing your light color and your type of lighting therefore seems essential.

Chandeliers seem more suitable for a living room, but we recommend that you also browse our  oriental lamps to decorate other rooms.