Collection: Berber Painting

Berber paintings are mainly from the Maghreb. Contrary to what one might think because of their notoriety for decoration, the Maghreb countries are not fond of paintings and wall decorations, except for patterned wallpaper.

Having a Berber-style painting at home is therefore a rather Western behavior. Because of this, most Berber paintings are canvases that will blend more with a modern interior design rather than a typically oriental one.

Why own a Berber canvas?

As we said earlier, having a Berber canvas at home is an essentially European behavior. However, this does not detract from the overall atmosphere of a room adorned with paintings and oriental paintings.

A Berber canvas will bring a certain elegance to your interior decoration. A North African work in your home will clearly bring an oriental style to your interior and will create a soft and cozy atmosphere with the right light and decoration.

You can also adorn your wall with our oriental decals .

What you will find in Berber art

In our shop you will find Berber paintings of all kinds. Our paintings represent the artistic style of different ethnic groups: C haouis, Chenouis, Kabyles, Mozabites, Rifains, Tuaregs, Guanches, etc.

You will generally find Berber paintings representing abstract art and design. However, some paintings will show us landscapes or Berber women instead.
Ranging from the sand dunes of the Sahara to the Canyons of Midès in Tunisia, our Berber wall decorations will not stop making you travel.

To decorate your interior, the canvases, paintings and oriental triptychs that you will find in this collection will satisfy you, and beautifully adorn the wall of your living room, bedroom or dining room.

The art of Berber paintings: the spiritual, religious and cultural value of this art.

Berber paintings are an art form that has been practiced for centuries. The Berber people are an ethnic group living in North Africa, who traditionally practice this art form. This article will focus on the spiritual, religious and cultural value of these paintings.

The Berbers have always considered their culture to be something sacred and they believe that it is everyone's responsibility to preserve it. They use their art as a way to express themselves and make sense of the world around them.

Berber art

Berber paintings are a type of art traditionally practiced by Berbers. In this type of artwork, artists use different colors and patterns to express their culture and tradition.

The Berber people are an ethnic group found in North Africa. They live in the Sahara Desert and other parts of North Africa. They speak the Berber language which is also called Tamazight. Berber paintings can be divided into two types: geometric patterns and figurative paintings. Geometric patterns usually consist of straight lines, curves, dots, triangles, squares or rectangles. Figurative paintings usually show animals like camels or lions as well as humans and their activities like hunting or farming.

History and development of the Berbers in North Africa

The Berbers are the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa. They are the descendants of the indigenous peoples of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Western Sahara.

The Berber people have a history that is not well documented. Indeed, they were conquered by many ancient empires, including the Romans, Arabs and Turks. But what we do know is that they have lived in North Africa for over 5,000 years.

Artistic traditions in Morocco and Algeria

Morocco and Algeria are located in North Africa. Morocco is a country with a population of approximately 34 million. Algeria has a population of around 41 million.

Morocco is predominantly Muslim, while Algeria is predominantly Muslim, but also with Christians and Jews.

Morocco is called the "country of the Atlas Mountains" because it has many mountains. It also has deserts, plains, forests and coastal regions.

The capital of Algeria is Algiers and it also has many mountains and coastal regions.

What is Berber esoteric painting?

The Berber people originate from the North African region. They have a rich culture and tradition, which includes the use of symbols. Berber art symbols are called Tifinagh, and they are often used to create esoteric paintings.

Berber esoteric paintings often contain a lot of symbolism, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Paintings can be done with ink or natural dyes on fabric or paper and usually depict animals, plants, geometric shapes and patterns.