Drap marocain

Moroccan cloth

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couverture chaude du Maroc

Warm blanket Morocco

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Couvre-lit marocain

Moroccan bedspread

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Linge de lit marocain

Moroccan bed linen

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Couverture arabe

Arabic cover

From 301,99€
Jeté de canapé marocain vert
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Moroccan sofa throw

From 71,99€

Moroccan bedspreads have the same particularities as their cushions. They are very colorful and have fine and refined patterns, which will give elegance to your bedroom.

At décorateur-oriental.fr we also offer sofa throws and armchair throws in Moroccan style, so that you can decorate your entire house or apartment.

Moroccan duvets, plaids and blankets tend to have orange, red and green hues. These are the main colors present on Moroccan decorations. They come to us from the desert landscapes and the identity of the country whose flag is red and green.

Why have a Moroccan blanket?

A duvet or blanket is the most visual element of a bedroom. It must therefore be fitting with the general atmosphere that you want to give to your interior. Moroccan blankets are very colorful and typical of their country, so it is best to use a Moroccan bedspread for a Maghreb bedroom.

Ethnic blankets can also do the trick or add a more colorful touch to your decoration.