Collection: Ethnic coverage

Ethnic blankets are very pretty, as they are often covered with colorful patterns representative of Africa.

Generally, they represent the fauna or the flora, in a stylized or realistic way, but always with magnificent bright and warm colors. What to give cheerfulness to your bedroom.

Falling asleep surrounded by colors, in an ethnic duvet, originating from sub-Saharan Africa, will take you on a journey and put you in a good mood for the next day.

Why have ethnic coverage?

Of course, these blankets can also be used as sofa throws or bedspreads to color, not your bedroom, but your living room.

In reality, having ethnic coverage is more of an aesthetic choice than a practical one. That said, in our collection, the blankets we offer are of very good quality and will perfectly fulfill their role of keeping you warm at night.

Whether for the quality of the fabric or the beauty of the patterns that make it up, our ethnic blankets will be perfect. You can also check out our oriental plaids for more choices.