Collection: Oriental candle holder

An oriental candle holder is a small wrought iron candle holder useful for lighting an indoor or outdoor table. It will give off a fairly dim, but really warm glow, giving a cozy vibe to your decor.

In our catalog you will find all kinds of oriental candle holders. Some will be more suitable for illuminating your interior, others for your exterior. We even have candle holders for wedding halls.

When to use an oriental candle holder for a warm atmosphere?

An oriental candle holder is very useful for lighting a table. Generally, you will need several of them to properly illuminate a table of several people.

The candle holders and candle holders will give a cozy and warm atmosphere. This is why it is preferable to use them during family evenings, in order to offer an oriental and pleasant touch to your atmosphere.

A few candle holders accompanied by two or three Turkish lanterns will certainly give your evenings an oriental atmosphere.