Collection: Ethnic cushion

Ethnic cushion covers are very different from classic oriental cushions. Generally, we will rather see geometric patterns with paler and sober colors on an ethnic cushion. They are also for decorative purposes, but with a view to creating a less warm and more "authentic" atmosphere.

They will go perfectly with a classic oriental decoration, but will be more difficult to blend into a Berber or North African decor which will be a little too colorful for an ethnic ornament.

Where to place an ethnic cushion in its decoration?

Ethnic cushions often have pompoms, embroidery and patterns giving them consistency and relief.

These peculiarities make them more beautiful, but less comfortable. Ethnic cushions, like the Moroccan cushions must therefore above all be considered as decorative objects, to be placed on a sofa or an armchair for example. Mainly as part of an oriental decoration.