Collection: Iranian / Persian rug

Persia or Iran is a country extremely known for its art of weaving, particularly with regard to tapestries, and even more floor rugs.

Persian rugs are generally very luxurious and extremely elegant. They are easily distinguished from other oriental rugs and give an authentic style to your interior.

Iranian tapestry: a very popular art.

Persian rugs are highly prized by traders around the world due to their quality and high value. Usually, a Persian rug can have an excessively high price. Of course, on, we wanted to stay in a range of the most affordable.

The art of Persian tapestry tends more and more to get lost with other Iranian traditions. This is why it is important to, like us, carefully choose the craftsmen, the weavers and the creators of these rugs who require such a particular technique and know-how.

If the Persian tapestry is too intricate for your interior, maybe our moroccan rugs will suit him better.