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How to decorate a large living room wall for an oriental atmosphere?


A large living room wall, like a whiteboard, is a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity. Yet it can also present a real challenge for the novice decorator. How to arrange this space so that it is both warm, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing? How to create harmony between this wall and the rest of the room? This article offers you solutions to meet this challenge and transform your large wall into a magnificent reflection of oriental decoration, with its rich colors and sophisticated patterns.

Oriental decoration

Choose the right color for your large wall

Importance of color in oriental decoration

In oriental decoration, color is not just a simple aesthetic detail. It is a real tool that will be used to create an atmosphere, transmit emotions and reflect a rich and diverse culture. Warm, earthy colors, such as red, orange, gold and brown, are particularly popular because they bring a touch of exoticism and authenticity to the space. They are often associated with the earth and the sun, elements very present in the landscapes of the Middle East and the Maghreb. For a softer and more soothing atmosphere, pastel shades such as pale blue or beige are also used.

Use of colors in oriental decoration

Choosing a color for your large wall is not an easy task. It's about finding a balance between the character you want to give to your space, the harmony with the other elements of the room, and the traditional meaning of colors in oriental decoration. Here is a summary table of colors and their meanings in oriental decoration to help you in your choice:

Color Meaning Use
Red warmth, passion Ideal for an accent wall
Orange Energy, creativity Perfect for decorative accessories
Gold Luxury, opulence Ideal for details and finishing touches
Brown Earth, nature Can be used as a base color for the wall
Light blue sky, calm Ideal for a soothing atmosphere
Beige Neutrality, elegance Excellent for balancing out brighter colors

If you go for a solid color, keep in mind that a large wall can be impressive. To avoid this effect, you can play on contrasts by adding decorative elements of different colors, or by using painting techniques to give relief and depth to your wall.

Oriental decoration

Oriental wall art to give personality to your wall

arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy, with its elegant curves and fluid shapes, is a real invitation to travel. This art form in its own right is highly respected in Eastern culture, where it is used both for decoration and for religious or poetic expression. A beautiful Arabic calligraphy painting can be an impressive centerpiece for your large living room wall.

Oriental tapestries and textiles

Oriental tapestries and textiles are renowned for the richness of their patterns and the quality of their manufacture. They can be used as wall art to add warmth and texture to your decor. Kilims, with their colorful geometric patterns, or Berber rugs, with their black and white tribal patterns, are particularly popular.

Mirrors and metal objects

Mirrors and metallic objects, such as decorative copper or brass plates, can add shine and light to your large wall. They can also help create a sense of spaciousness and depth, which is especially helpful if your living room is modest in size.

Add volume to your large wall

A large wall can sometimes feel empty or cold. To avoid this, it may be interesting to add volume to your decoration. Wall-mounted shelves, for example, can hold knick-knacks, books, or artwork that ties in with your oriental theme. Low furniture, such as a console or a sideboard, can also add volume to your decoration and provide additional surfaces for your decorative objects.

Oriental decoration


The decoration of a large oriental living room wall is a game of balance between the harmony of colors, the choice of patterns, the use of wall art elements and the contribution of volume with furniture and accessories . All that remains is to embark on your decoration project, letting your creativity and your desires guide you. And if you need more ideas, feel free to check out our Oriental Decorator site for inspiration.

FAQ: How to decorate a large living room wall in an oriental style?

Q: What colors should I use for an oriental living room? A: Warm, earthy colors like red, orange, gold, and brown are ideal for an oriental living room. For a lighter vibe, you can use pastel colors like pale blue or beige.

Q: How can I add depth to my large living room wall? A: You can add shelving or low cabinets to your large wall and place decorative items there.

Q: Where can I find inspiration for oriental decoration? A: You can check decor blogs, interior design magazines or visit our Oriental Decorator site for ideas and inspiration.

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