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How to decorate your apartment with an oriental touch?

Decorating your apartment is an exciting adventure. It's about transforming a simple living space into a space that reflects your personality and your style. If you are attracted by warm colors, intricate patterns and the charm of oriental countries, why not opt ​​for an oriental decoration? In this article we will give you tips on how to decorate your apartment with an oriental touch.

Oriental decoration

1. The choice of furniture

Furniture plays a crucial role in decorating your apartment. For an oriental touch, opt for solid wood furniture decorated with geometric or floral motifs. Comfy sofas, carved wooden coffee tables and open shelving can add character to your apartment. Choose pieces that not only stand out for their aesthetics, but also for their functionality. Also consider integrating furniture typical of Eastern culture, such as leather poufs or tea tables.

2. The color palette

Color is an essential element of decoration. For an oriental style, favor warm colors such as red, orange and yellow. These colors evoke the sun, the desert and spices, central elements of oriental culture. You can also incorporate shades of blue and green for a more serene and calming atmosphere. These colors are reminiscent of the sky, the water and the lush vegetation of the oases. Do not hesitate to play with contrasts and mix different shades to create a rich and vibrant decoration.

3. Wall and floor coverings

Floor and wall coverings have a great influence on the general atmosphere of your apartment. For an oriental decoration, consider tiles with geometric patterns or a Persian rug. These elements add texture and depth to your decoration. For the walls, a wallpaper decorated with oriental motifs or a paint in a warm shade can be an excellent option. You can also opt for stucco or tadelakt walls for a more authentic look.

Oriental decoration

4. Decorative elements

Finally, do not forget the decorative elements. Moroccan lanterns, embroidered throw pillows, ornate mirrors and oriental rugs can add the finishing touch to your decor. Also think of plants, which bring freshness and life to your interior. Palm trees, yuccas or prickly pears are perfect for an oriental style. Don't forget works of art, whether paintings, sculptures or ceramics, which add a cultural dimension to your decoration.

Table of oriental apartment decoration suggestions:

Decorative elements Hints
Furniture Solid wood furniture, comfortable sofas, carved wooden coffee tables, leather poufs, tea tables
Colors Warm tones (red, orange, yellow), shades of blue and green
Coatings Tiles with geometric patterns, Persian rugs, oriental wallpaper, stucco or tadelakt walls
decorative elements Moroccan lanterns, embroidered pillows, ornate mirrors, oriental rugs, exotic plants, artwork

Oriental decoration

FAQ: How to decorate an apartment in an oriental style?

What furniture to choose for an oriental apartment?

Solid wood furniture, comfortable sofas and carved wooden coffee tables are ideal for an oriental style. You can also opt for leather poufs and tea tables.

What colors to choose for an oriental apartment?

Warm tones like red, orange and yellow are perfect. You can also choose shades of blue and green for a soothing atmosphere.

Which coverings to choose for an oriental apartment?

For the floor, opt for tiles with geometric patterns or a Persian rug. For the walls, oriental wallpaper, paint in a warm shade or stucco or tadelakt walls are good options.

In short, oriental decoration is a style that combines warmth, comfort and rich aesthetics. Whether you're looking to add a simple oriental touch or completely redecorate your apartment, these tips should help you create a space that's uniquely yours. For more advice and inspiration, or to discover a range of oriental decoration products, do not hesitate to visit our Oriental Decorator website . Beautifying your apartment has never been so easy!

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