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The magic of small finishing touches in decoration

Every detail counts when it comes to interior design. Small finishing touches, often considered finishing touches, can dramatically transform the look and feel of a room. It is through these subtle additions that spaces come to life, expressing the personality and style of their occupants.

1. The impact of small finishes

The power of details

Small finishes are decorative elements that add character and depth to a space. These can be decorative pillows, scented candles, trinkets or even small plants. These details have the power to transform an ordinary room into a harmonious and warm space.

reflecting personality

The finishes, by their variety, allow you to express your personality. A minimalist room adorned with clean finishes can reflect an orderly personality, while a room full of trinkets and keepsakes can evoke an adventurous spirit.

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2. The key elements of small finishes

Decorative textiles

Rugs, cushions, curtains... Textiles are great for adding texture and color to a space. They can soften a room with strict lines or bring a touch of sophistication to a rustic interior.


Lighting is one of the most powerful finishes. Whether it's accent lamps, candles or string lights, lighting can create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Decorative objects

From trinkets to photo frames, these little objects tell a story. They can be travel souvenirs, gifts from friends or second-hand finds. Arranged with care, they catch the eye and spark conversation.

Nature and vegetation

From indoor plants to small bouquets of fresh flowers, integrating nature into the decoration brings a breath of fresh air and a feeling of well-being.

3. How to choose your finishes?

Understanding Space

Before choosing your finishes, it is essential to understand the space you have. A small space will benefit from discreet and well-chosen finishes, while a large space can accommodate larger items.

Harmonize colors

The choice of colors is essential. The finishes should harmonize with the rest of the room. For this, we can take inspiration from existing colors or introduce a new palette to create a contrast.

Think about functionality

Beyond aesthetics, you have to think about functionality. For example, a nice rug can also insulate against the cold, and a nice cushion can provide extra comfort.

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4. Current trends


The trend is towards simplicity. Sleek finishes, neutral colors and natural materials dominate contemporary decor.

Back to vintage

Objects of yesteryear are making a comeback. Whether antique objects or reproductions, they bring a touch of authenticity.


Q: What are the essential small finishes for a living room? A: Cushions, rugs, picture frames, candles, and a few plants are musts for a cozy living room.

Q: How to renew your finishes without breaking the bank? A: DIY (Do It Yourself) is a great solution. You can also hunt for antiques or opt for interchangeable elements, such as cushion covers.

Q: How to avoid overloading your decoration with too many finishes? A: The trick is to choose centerpieces and surround them with more subdued elements. It is also necessary to think of leaving empty spaces so that the eye can rest.

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The decoration in small finishes is an art in itself. It reveals the character of a room and brings it to life. It is in these details that the magic is found, transforming an ordinary space into a warm and welcoming place.

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