Collection: Oriental rug

Welcome to this collection of oriental rugs.

Here you will find all the oriental style rugs you will need to decorate your interior like in the orient.

You will find the categories:

  • Berber carpets ;
  • Persian rugs;
  • Moroccan rugs;
  • Turkish carpets;
  • Azilal rug;
  • Algerian rugs;

Each of them has different patterns, symbols, colors.

Where do our oriental rugs come from?

This category of oriental rugs contains, more particularly, tapestries from Middle Eastern countries such as:

  • Lebanon
  • Saudi Arabia
  • the united arab emirates
  • or Kuwait, etc.

All these carpets, depending on their origin, can have very different designs. Green, blue, red, beige or black. Vintage or modern.

Despite everything, they will remain floor ornaments that will go perfectly with a living room or bedroom decorated in an oriental, North African, Berber, Turkish or Tunisian style.

You will be spoiled for choice to choose a floor ornament that will suit you in order to finally have a rug worthy of your oriental decoration.