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5 accessories for a Muslim child's room

You care about your child's religious upbringing and well-being. Our article is in the form of a guide intended to give you ideas for decorating a Muslim child's room. Indeed, much effort has currently been undertaken at the heart of community consumer products. As a result, it is now easier to orient yourself to choose the best accessories. These must be present in the heart of the private space of the Muslim child to:

  • awaken him
  • Remind him of his belief
  • Work on your intellectual mind.

Here is an inventory of the best objects that a Muslim child can have in his intimacy to consolidate his faith.

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The Koranic night light: a must have to maintain your memorization of the Koran


The night light or Koranic lamp is one of the most useful play gadgets for the Muslim child. Many parents use it from an early age. This is because it offers multiple advantages. It allows a multitude of facilities such as:

  • Calming to quickly fall asleep
  • Remembering the Word of Allah
  • A memorization of small suras
  • Relaxation thanks to the alternation of colored lights.

It is therefore an electronic object that Muslim children particularly appreciate. Besides, he constantly asks for it to be on when he goes to bed.


The prayer rug for children: a logic for toddlers who are learning to pray

This goes without saying. The small model prayer rug is an accessory that will quickly become part of a child's daily life. As he appreciates his parents celebrated the service, he will immediately run to imitate them. So the fun will eventually become a habit and a practice. By the way, today there is the interactive prayer rug . This interesting prototype allows children to learn prayer thanks to functions integrated into the heart of a carpet. An interesting way to learn faster while having fun. This technique therefore facilitates the path of spirituality in the sense that the Muslim child will adopt with faith the behaviors that are part of the 2nd pillar of Islam.


A table on the Arabic alphabet to learn to read like any Muslim child

More and more of you are insisting on dual education in your homes. To follow the French school program as well as a Muslim religious instruction. This richness, many parents feel it positively on the awakening and the success of their children. Indeed, learning a Latin language and Arabic are totally different. To make a difference, the Muslim child must therefore learn a new algebra which will allow him to have access to the Koran and religious sciences. In the bedroom of a 4-year-old child, the Arabic alphabet board is his first contact with this new algebra. A facility that will allow him to learn quickly by repeating assiduously.


Islamic stickers to hang on the wall

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The Muslim child can have a room with toys just like everyone else. On the other hand, creating a healthy atmosphere devoid of representation is an excellent thing. It allows him to get a better representation of reality. But above all trains him for reflection and intelligence. Islamic stickers suitable for children can take different forms such as an invocation or tahiyat in Arabic calligraphy.

In short, there are a multitude of examples that you can find at the heart of the online store www.decorateur-oriental.fr .


A library with religious manuals within reach


Many publishing houses have made considerable efforts to ensure that Muslim children have books within their reach. The books are mostly accessible and written in an adapted language. They are also illustrated and written with a quality of writing that is very easy to understand. At the heart of a library can, for example, be:

  • Stories of the Prophets
  • The Juzz 'Amma
  • Bdouin satirical comics…

The list is long and the final choice is up to the parents.


Islamic board games now available in shambles

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Previously, the offer was rather limited. Designers have therefore innovated to invent a multitude of games that correspond to the morality of the Muslim child. To date, there is a considerable variety of games such as:

  • Quizzes
  • Guessing card games
  • Activities to consolidate their knowledge of Islam.

Among the most popular we can cite:

  • The "Kayfa Ana" which is similar to the game "Who is it" Muslim version
  • The 5 pillars which is a game based on knowledge from 10 years old
  • Master Deen Junior exactly in the same trend.


What to remember about decorating a Muslim child's room

The roadmap that we have just submitted to you remains personal. It is up to the parents to reconcile as well as possible the instruction and the religious education of their children. While spoiling them, they can harmonize a very warm place of life dedicated in every way to fun and spirituality. Ultimately, it is by developing a healthy atmosphere in the room of his children that we preserve their innocence while helping them to build themselves.

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