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How to decorate a living room with an oriental touch?

The living room is the central place in your home, where the most precious moments with your loved ones take place. The decoration of this living space must reflect your personality while offering maximum comfort. An oriental decoration can bring warmth, friendliness and exoticism to your living room. So, how to decorate a living room with an oriental touch? Here are some tips.

Oriental decoration

1. Choice of colors

The color of your living room walls is one of the first things you need to consider.

Warm tones for a warm atmosphere

Warm tones such as red, orange, brown and ocher can bring a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere to your living room. These colors, often associated with desert landscapes, are typical of oriental decoration.

Neutral tones for a modern touch

If you prefer a more modern and subtle decoration, opt for neutral tones like beige, gray or off-white. These colors will highlight the oriental decoration elements you choose.

2. Textiles, vectors of comfort

The use of rich and varied textiles is an essential characteristic of oriental decoration.

Cushions for added comfort

Stack cushions of different sizes, shapes and patterns on your sofa. Not only will they add a touch of comfort to your living room, but they will also bring color and texture to your space.

Rugs for a warm atmosphere

Add a large oriental rug to the center of your living room. The rug will not only warm up the space, but also visually delimit the living space in a large room.

Oriental decoration

3. Oriental furniture, between tradition and modernity

Furniture is a central element of your living room decoration. For an oriental style, you can play on the association between tradition and modernity.

Traditional furniture

Traditional furniture, such as carved wooden coffee tables or leather poufs, will bring an authentic touch to your living room. You can also add an oriental console to display your decorative objects.

modern furniture

For a more contemporary touch, consider furniture with clean lines and neutral colors. You can combine them with oriental decorative elements to create an interesting contrast.

4. Wall decoration, to personalize your space

Wall decor is a great way to personalize your living room.

Paintings and photographs

Hang paintings or photographs that inspire you or evoke memories. You can also opt for oriental works of art, such as Arabic calligraphy or Persian miniatures.

Mirrors to enlarge the space

A large mirror with an ornate frame can not only be a beautiful decorative element, but it can also visually expand the space and bring more light into the room.

Here is a summary of the decorative elements to consider:

Decorative elements Hints
Colors Warm tones (red, orange, ochre, brown) or neutral (beige, grey)
Textiles Cushions, rugs
Furniture Carved wooden coffee tables, leather poufs, modern furniture with clean lines
Wall decoration Paintings, photos, Arabic calligraphy, mirrors

Oriental decoration

FAQ: How to decorate a living room in an oriental style?

What colors should I use for an oriental living room?

Warm colors such as red, orange, ochre, or brown are preferred. For a touch of modernity, opt for neutral tones such as beige or gray.

What type of furniture to choose for an oriental living room?

Carved wood coffee tables, leather ottomans, and clean-lined modern furniture are all good choices.

What textiles can I use for an oriental living room?

Cushions of different sizes and patterns, as well as oriental rugs, will bring comfort and warmth to your living room.

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