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The world of Berber decoration: a guide for the curious designer

The Berber people are a group of ethnic groups that inhabit the Maghreb region of North Africa. They are known for their unique weaving techniques, which often include elaborate patterns and colors. Berber decoration is a rich and diversified culture.

We will explore the world of Berber decoration, from its origins to its future, as well as the role it plays in contemporary design today.

What is Berber decoration?

Berber decoration is an art form that dates back to the 15th century. It is characterized by geometric patterns and deep blue colors. Designs are often created on carpets, textiles and other forms of fabric.

The most notable feature of this type of decoration is the use of geometric shapes in abstract designs. This form of design has been used in many different cultures throughout history and can be found in many different places around the world.

History of Berber decoration

Berber decorative patterns are a set of geometric patterns, created by the Berber people of North Africa and Western Sahara. These patterns were used for many purposes, including fabrics, carpets, pottery, and other objects. Patterns usually consist of repeating patterns such as triangles, circles or rectangles.

Traditional Oriental Berber Design Patterns

Traditional Berber designs are frequently found in northern Africa and are the result of Islamic culture. The patterns are usually geometric shapes, used to decorate the walls and floors of mosques.

The motifs used were taken from Islamic architecture, such as calligraphy and geometric shapes. These patterns also include animals such as horses, lions, peacocks, eagles, etc. Here are some examples of Berber designs:

- Kufic Calligraphy: Kufic is an Arabic script that was used to write the Quran before it became widespread to use Arabic letters for writing in general

-Arabesque: Arabesques are decorative elements that often resemble vines or leaves

- Andalusian pattern: The Andalusian pattern is a type of decoration based on arabesques

Decorate your home with Berber rugs and carpets

The Berber people are a North African people who have been weaving carpets for centuries. The term “Berber” is derived from the Latin word “barbarian” which was used to describe people who live in North Africa and speak Berber languages.

Berber rugs and carpets are usually made from wool, cotton or silk. They can be made by hand or by machine. The colors used are generally natural dyes such as indigo blue, red, brown, yellow, black and white. They have a very simple design that is often geometric or floral in nature.

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