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How to decorate a hallway with oriental style?

The hallway is often the most overlooked space in the home when it comes to decorating. However, with a well-thought-out decoration, this place of passage can become a real invitation to travel and a harmonious preamble to discovering the other rooms of your home. Let's see together how, with some tips and oriental touches, give life and warmth to your hallway.

Oriental decoration

The importance of colors

Color is an essential component to give character to your hallway. For this, it is important to choose your color palette carefully.

Warm tones and oriental atmosphere

From an oriental perspective, warm tones such as red, orange, ocher or brown are to be preferred. These colors evoke desert sand, spices and the sunset. They will bring warmth and immediate friendliness to your hallway.

Neutral tones for an assumed modernity

You can also opt for neutral tones such as beige or gray to bring a touch of modernity to your hallway. These colors, while being sober, allow you to highlight the decorative elements you choose.

Oriental decoration

Lighting, the soul of your hallway

Lighting is a key point in decorating your hallway. It greatly contributes to the overall feel of the space and can turn a dark, lifeless hallway into a warm and welcoming passageway.

Wall lights for a cozy atmosphere

Opt for oriental wall lights to create a soft and warm atmosphere. They diffuse a subdued light that underlines the charm of traditional oriental motifs and gives relief to your hallway.

Oriental lanterns, for a touch of magic

You can also hang one or more oriental lanterns to give your hallway an air of a thousand and one nights. Choose them in chiseled metal for a delicate and poetic diffusion of light.

Dress your walls with taste

Wall decoration plays a major role in the atmosphere of your hallway. Here are some ideas to transform your walls.

Hang pictures or photos

Hang a series of paintings or photos that tell a story, express your personality or evoke happy memories. Also think of Arabic calligraphy, very fashionable and perfectly in line with the oriental style.

Opt for an oriental tapestry

Oriental tapestry is also a great way to dress up the walls in your hallway. With its intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors, it will instantly transform your hallway into a warm and inviting space.

The ground, a surface not to be neglected

The floor in your hallway can also help create an oriental atmosphere. Here are a few tips.

Add oriental rugs

A beautiful oriental rug, such as a kilim or a Persian rug, can give a hallway a lot of personality while adding a warm touch. Do not hesitate to choose a carpet with colorful patterns to energize the space.

Oriental decoration

Decorative items for the final touch

Finally, don't forget decorative items to add the finishing touch to your hallway.

Wicker vases and baskets

Wicker vases and baskets can be placed on a console or on a shelf. They bring a note of authenticity to your decoration.

Figurines and scented candles

Figurines can reflect your passion for oriental art, while scented candles, with scents like musk or jasmine, add an olfactory dimension to your decoration.

Here is a summary table of the decorative elements to take into account:

Decorative elements Hints
Colors Warm tones (red, orange, ochre, brown) or neutral (beige, grey)
Lighting Oriental wall sconces, lanterns
Wall decoration Paintings, photos, Arabic calligraphy, oriental tapestry
Ground Oriental rugs
Decorative objects Vases, wicker baskets, figurines, scented candles

Oriental decoration

FAQ: How to decorate a hallway in an oriental style?

What colors should I use for an oriental hallway?

Warm colors such as red, orange, ochre, or brown are preferred. For a touch of modernity, opt for neutral tones such as beige or gray.

What type of lighting to choose for an oriental hallway?

Oriental wall sconces and oriental lanterns are good options for soft, warm lighting.

What decorative items can I use for an oriental hallway?

Vases, wicker baskets, figurines, scented candles are all good choices. Don't forget also the oriental rugs and Arabic calligraphy to dress the walls.

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