Collection: Oriental Plaid

In our collection of oriental plaids you will find different types of decoration, fabrics and style. What to find your happiness in order to best decorate your oriental or North African interior for example.

We have embroidered plaids, but not only. We also have plain fabrics and many pieces with patterns, some of which are reversible to adapt perfectly to the mood of the moment.

In this category, you will easily find the fabric that will best suit your decoration.

How to choose your oriental plaid?

Choosing your oriental plaid is quite simple when we know the role that this fabric will play in our daily lives. Why do you want a plaid?

  • To keep you warm?
  • Bring color to your living room?
  • Serve as a sofa throw?

If you can answer this question, then you can define whether you prefer a heavy and thick fabric, a rather bright or sober color and whether the shade should adapt to that of your living room.

To be sure, you can choose the same color as your Islamic decoration .