Collection: Oriental Lighting

In our lighting collection, you will find everything you need to illuminate your interior or your garden in an oriental style.

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Light fixtures are one of the most important parts of a decoration. Especially if it is oriental, because it relies heavily on the mood and atmosphere.

How to properly light your interior?

Lighting your room well is necessary to create a living room or bedroom with an oriental look. The Maghreb countries, for example, use stained glass a lot to give a colored light, often green or red, to their interior.

Do the same with your decor. A mosaic chandelier or wall sconces will do just fine to brighten up a room.

So choose your luminaire carefully according to the light it will reflect. This can easily be seen thanks to the stained glass windows or the mosaic that it has.
The intensity of the light is also important. In order for the light to be more diffuse and uniform, chandeliers will be indicated, conversely for a more pronounced color, wall sconces or floor lamps will be better.

How to choose your light?

The choice of your luminaire is not necessarily obvious. What to choose between a lamp, a wall light, a ceiling light or a chandelier?

The question underlying the latter is: "What will be the use of my lighting?"
If your goal is to simply create an oriental atmosphere by adding color to your interior, in a diffuse and warm way, then a simple table lamp should suffice.

On the other hand, if your goal is to completely illuminate a room, a ceiling light will be suitable for a small space and a chandelier for a larger one. Wall sconces, on the other hand, will go better in an elongated interior such as a hallway for example.

Outdoors, to properly represent the Arabic style, oriental lanterns will be more appropriate.