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How to decorate a wall that is too high? Tips for an oriental decoration

A high wall can be a real blank canvas for your decorating creativity. However, he can also be intimidating due to his size. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to dress it up that can turn this space into an aesthetic focal point. If you like the oriental style, these tips can help you turn an overly tall wall into a captivating visual marvel.

Oriental decoration

Tip 1: Use great artwork

Art is a fantastic way to add color and character to a tall wall. It's also a great way to incorporate an oriental theme into your home decor. When choosing artwork, consider the following:

  • Size: Make sure the artwork is large enough to fill the space without overwhelming the room. A large painting or a tapestry can make an excellent choice.

  • Theme: Opt for artwork that complements the oriental theme of your decor. For example, a painting representing an oriental landscape or an Arabic calligraphy can add a nice touch of exoticism.

  • Colors: The colors in the artwork should complement the other colors in your room. If your decorating is mostly neutral, a colorful piece of art can provide a welcome burst of color.

Here are some examples of artwork that might be suitable for a high wall in an oriental decor:

type of work Description
Oriental landscape painting It can depict a bazaar scene, a desert with sand dunes, or a city with minarets.
Berber tapestry A large Berber tapestry can bring texture and character to your wall.
arabic calligraphy Calligraphy works are not only aesthetically beautiful, but often have deep meaning as well.

Tip 2: Install shelves

The shelves are not only practical, but they can also be very aesthetic. They provide space for displaying artwork, photos, books and other decorative items. For a high wall, consider using shelves of different sizes and shapes to create visual interest. You can even arrange them in an asymmetrical configuration for a modern look.

When choosing shelves, consider the materials and colors that will complement your oriental decor. For example, wooden shelves with carved details can add an exotic touch. Likewise, metal shelves with openwork details can provide an oriental design element.

Oriental decoration

Tip 3: Use wall panels

Wall panels can add depth and texture to a tall wall. They can be particularly effective in oriental decor, where they can be used to add color and exotic patterns. Wall panels can be painted with oriental designs, or they can be carved or embossed to add texture.

Tip 4: Use wallpaper

An oriental patterned wallpaper can be another great option for decorating a high wall. Intricate, colorful patterns can draw the eye upward and make the room appear larger. Oriental patterns like mandalas, geometric patterns or lotus flower designs can add elegance and charm to your room.

Which wallpaper to choose?

  • Wallpaper with geometric patterns: Geometric patterns are a big part of oriental art and design. They can add a touch of sophistication to your wall.

  • Floral Wallpaper: Flowers are another popular theme in Oriental design. A floral wallpaper can give a soft and relaxing look to your room.

  • Calligraphic Pattern Wallpaper: Calligraphy is an important part of Eastern culture. A wallpaper with calligraphic designs can add an artistic touch to your wall.

Tip 5: Mirrors and decorative plates

Mirrors and decorative plates are two other elements that can help decorate a wall that is too high. Not only do they add visual interest, but mirrors also have the added benefit of bringing in light and making the space feel larger.


  • Sun-shaped mirrors: They can bring an oriental touch and give the impression of an additional window in the room.
  • Mirrors with an ornate frame: A large mirror with an ornate frame can become the focal point of the wall.

Decorative plates

  • Metal plates: They can be decorated with oriental motifs and bring an exotic touch to your wall.
  • Ceramic plates: They can bring color and texture to your wall.

Oriental decoration

Tip 6: Use shelves of different heights

By using shelves of varying heights, you can create a sense of movement and interest. Items displayed on the shelves can also be of different heights to maintain that visual interest. You can display a collection of oriental vases, lanterns or other art objects.

Here is an example of how you can organize the items on your shelves:

  1. Upper shelf: smaller and lighter objects
  2. Middle shelf: medium-sized and colorful objects
  3. Lower shelf: larger and heavier items

In conclusion, don't be intimidated by a wall that is too high. With a little creativity and the right decorative elements, you can transform this space into a beautiful painting of oriental design.

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