Collection: African chair

African Chair: A Treasure of African Craftsmanship

Our collection of African chairs is a real hymn to the diversity and exuberance of the craftsmanship of the African continent. These unique pieces, true testimonies of traditional African art, are now at your fingertips to enrich your interior with an exotic and authentic touch.

Ethnic Chair: An Ode to African Diversity

When we talk about an ethnic chair, we are referring to furniture that reflects the cultural richness of a people. Africa, with its mosaic of cultures, offers a variety of chair styles, from the Ashanti chair from Ghana to the Punu chair from Gabon. Each chair tells a story, a tradition and a know-how that are transmitted from generation to generation.

The African Chair: An Authentic Expression of Craftsmanship

The African chair is not just a piece of furniture, it is a work of art that combines functionality and aesthetics. It is the fruit of the ingenuity and talent of African craftsmen. Made from local materials such as wood, leather or rattan, these chairs stand out for their sturdiness and durability. Their hand-carved patterns and bright colors make them decorative pieces in their own right.

African Chair: A Centerpiece for Your Oriental Decoration

Although originating from Africa, these chairs fit perfectly into an oriental decoration. Whether you are a fan of the Moroccan, Egyptian or Persian style, an African chair will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Its presence affirms a taste for authenticity and a change of scenery.

How to Integrate an African Chair into Your Decoration?

Whether used as an armchair in the living room, as an office chair or as a simple decorative object, the African chair will find a place of choice in your interior. You can combine it with textiles with oriental motifs, Berber rugs or Moroccan lanterns to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The Different Styles of African Chairs

Our collection offers a variety of styles of African chairs to suit all tastes and requirements. Discover the Dogon chairs from Mali, with their detailed carvings, the Bamiléké chairs from Cameroon, famous for their intricate patterns, or the Senufo chairs from Côte d'Ivoire, appreciated for their simplicity and elegance.

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The African Chair: An Ethical and Responsible Purchase

By choosing an African chair, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of furniture. You also support local economic development and traditional African crafts. Indeed, our chairs are made by local artisans, who are fairly compensated for their work. In addition, by favoring local and renewable materials, our African chairs are environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Our Collection of African Chairs?

Our African chairs are carefully selected for their quality, authenticity and beauty. We work directly with craftsmen, which allows us to ensure traceability and impeccable quality. In addition, we offer you a dedicated customer service to accompany you throughout your purchase process and answer all your questions.


What materials are used to make African chairs?

African chairs are mainly made from wood, leather and rattan. Craftsmen often use wood from local, resistant and durable species.

How to maintain an African chair?

The maintenance of an African chair depends on the material used. For a wooden chair, regular dusting and treatment with a special wood product from time to time is sufficient. For a leather chair, it is recommended to use a leather care product.

Are these chairs comfortable?

Despite their sturdy looks, African chairs are designed to be comfortable. Their wide seat and ergonomic backrest ensure optimal comfort of use.

Can I personalize my African chair?

Each African chair is unique, but if you have a specific request, you can contact us to discuss customization possibilities.

How are the African chairs selected in your collection?

We select our African chairs based on their quality, authenticity and beauty. We work directly with craftsmen, which allows us to ensure traceability and impeccable quality.

What is the delivery time for an African chair?

The delivery time depends on the place of delivery and the chair model chosen. In general, allow between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery.