Lighting and especially lamps are essential accessories for a good oriental decoration.

These lights allow you to create an atmosphere that will perfectly suit the atmosphere you want to give to your interior.

At we have all kinds of lamps.
This collection will only deal with table lamps, bedside or table lamps.

They are mostly handmade in their country of origin.
We have:

  • Aladdin lamp
  • Moroccan lamp
  • Ethnic lamp
  • turkish lamp
  • mosaic lamp

The oriental lights we have:

On we have many lights and lighting from the Middle East.

Oriental lamps are the decorative accessories needed to create decors worthy of Maghreb, Berber or Middle Eastern countries.

You will find in our catalog beautiful colored lights worthy of the pre-modern East. In addition, they will remind you of the cozy atmospheres of warm countries and of the mild evenings spent there drinking tea and eating gazelle horns while admiring the stars.