Collection: Oriental Armchair

Introduction to the collection of oriental armchairs

Welcome the bewitching charm of the Orient into your home with our exclusive collection of oriental armchairs. Handcrafted by passionate craftsmen, these armchairs are an elegant marriage between tradition and modernity, bringing a warm and exotic atmosphere to your space.

Characteristics of oriental armchairs

The oriental armchairs in our collection are distinguished by:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Each armchair is a unique creation, made with remarkable precision by dedicated craftsmen.
  • The authenticity of the design: Our armchairs embody the cultural richness of the Middle East, the Maghreb and Africa, with traditional patterns and shapes.
  • Superior quality: We select the best materials to guarantee the durability of our armchairs.

The timeless elegance of the oriental armchair

To invite an oriental armchair into your interior is to welcome a piece of history, a symbol of oriental charm. Whether in your living room, your library or your office, the oriental armchair will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor.

Guide to choosing your oriental armchair

The choice of an oriental armchair depends on several factors, such as the style of your interior, the space available and your personal preferences. Our team of experts is here to help you select the oriental armchair that will perfectly match your space.

Our commitment for a quality oriental armchair

Each oriental armchair in our collection is the result of close collaboration with experienced craftsmen. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality oriental chair that respects the traditions and expertise of oriental craftsmanship.

Discover our range of oriental armchairs

We offer a variety of oriental armchairs, from the most traditional models to the most contemporary designs. Each oriental armchair has been selected for its unique style, manufacturing quality and unparalleled comfort.

The materials of our oriental armchairs

Our oriental chairs are made primarily from sturdy woods like cedar, known for its durability and resistance to pests. The use of durable materials guarantees the longevity of our armchairs, while preserving their authentic aesthetics.

The fabrics used for our armchairs are of high quality and feature traditional patterns which add a touch of color and warmth to any room. Whether embroidered velvet, silk or cotton, each material has been chosen for its comfort and longevity.

The art of marquetry in our oriental armchairs

The art of marquetry, which consists of inlaying pieces of wood, bone or mother-of-pearl in a wooden support to create decorative patterns, is a technique widely used in the manufacture of our oriental armchairs. This ancestral art gives our armchairs a unique character and a captivating beauty. Each pattern, each detail, is the result of meticulous work carried out by passionate craftsmen.

A varied range of oriental armchairs for all tastes

Whether you are looking for a traditional oriental armchair to complete your dining room or a modern oriental armchair to bring a touch of originality to your office, you will find what you are looking for in our collection. Our oriental armchairs come in different styles, shapes and colors to meet all your expectations.

Relax in the timeless elegance of our Moroccan armchairs .

Respect for the environment in the manufacture of our oriental armchairs

We are committed to respecting the environment in the manufacture of our oriental armchairs. We favor the use of wood from sustainably managed forests and natural dyes. In addition, we limit waste as much as possible during the production of our chairs.

A dedicated customer service for your purchase of oriental armchair

Our customer service is at your disposal to assist you in your purchase of oriental armchair. Whether you have questions about our products, need help choosing the perfect oriental chair or need support after your purchase, we are here to help.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I maintain my oriental armchair?

The maintenance of an oriental armchair depends on the material used. In general, a simple regular dusting with a soft cloth is enough to maintain its appearance. For more stubborn stains, use a slightly damp cloth.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we deliver our oriental armchairs internationally. Delivery costs depend on the country of destination. However, delivery is free in France.

3. How can I be sure of the authenticity of my oriental armchair?

Each oriental armchair in our collection is certified authentic and is accompanied by a detailed sheet on its origin and manufacture.

4. How do I choose the right oriental armchair for my interior?

Our team of advisers is at your disposal to help you choose the oriental armchair that will best suit your interior.

5. What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have a period of 14 days after receipt to return the product to us in perfect condition and in its original packaging. We will then refund you in full.

6. How will my wheelchair be delivered?

We take great care in packaging our oriental chairs to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Each chair is individually packaged and handled with care to prevent damage during delivery.