Introduction: What is Moroccan Tableware?

Moroccan crockery is a type of pottery typically used for serving food. Moroccan tableware is mostly made of ceramics, and it can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The term "crockery" refers to all items used to set a table for eating or drinking. In Morocco, the most common items are plates and bowls. These are usually round or oval in shape with a raised center section called the "axis". The axis may be decorated with patterns or designs on the outside, but is usually left plain on the inside so that food does not stick when served.

How Morocco became known for its tableware

Morocco is a country with a rich culture and heritage. The country is known for its beautiful architecture, varied landscapes and rich cuisine.

Morocco is also known for its tableware. Moroccan dishes are served on traditional tableware including clay or metal plates, bowls, cups and spoons.

The reason Morocco became so famous for its tableware was because of the country's location. Being located in North Africa meant that Moroccan dishes were influenced by European cuisine as well as food from other countries in Africa.

The evolution of Moroccan ceramics

Moroccan ceramics have evolved from a traditional craft to a modern art form.

The evolution of Moroccan ceramics can be attributed to the following factors:

- The introduction of new techniques and styles by foreign artisans and potters.

- The arrival of new colors, shapes and textures through trade with other countries.

- The use of new materials such as metals, glass, plastics and acrylic.

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