La Décoration Mille et Une Nuits: Une Invitation à la Rêverie - Décoration Oriental

The One Thousand and One Nights Decoration: An Invitation to Reverie

The Story of One Thousand and One Nights

The "One Thousand and One Nights" are more than just a collection of tales. They embody a universe where enchanting stories of love, adventure and magic mingle. This wealth of oriental literature is a real source of inspiration for anyone wishing to transform their interior into a palace worthy of the tales of Scheherazade.

The Flagship Colors of this Universe

When we think of the Arabian Nights, opulent colors immediately come to mind. Deep red is reminiscent of the color of passion and romance. The dazzling gold evokes sumptuous palaces and the splendor of the court. While the shades of emerald green and sapphire blue remind us of the jewels and treasures of the Orient.

Oriental decoration

Materials and Fabrics: Luxury and Comfort

The choice of fabrics is crucial to create an "Arabian Nights" atmosphere. Velvet, for example, is prized for its sumptuous and regal look. Silk and satin, on the other hand, are appreciated for their softness and shine. And of course, let's not forget the beautiful gold and silver embroidery, which adds an unparalleled note of sophistication to any space.

Furniture: Oriental Elegance

The "One Thousand and One Nights" style furniture is often carved and richly detailed. Imagine chiseled coffee tables, often round, which become the focal point of the room. Embroidered poufs are not only aesthetic, they are also comfortable and perfect for sitting or resting. The open shelves, finally, allow you to display oriental art objects and trinkets.

Accessories: Magic in the Details

Chiseled lanterns provide soft lighting and create an intimate atmosphere. Oriental rugs, with intricate patterns, bring warmth and comfort. As for the various cushions, they can be laid out generously on the sofas and on the floor to create a relaxation area. Ornate mirrors, besides their beauty, have the advantage of enlarging the space and reflecting candlelight.

Want a Magical Transformation?

Sublimate your interior with the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights is within reach. Whether it's small touches or a complete transformation, every element counts. Do not wait any longer! Discover a unique range of oriental decorative items on Oriental Decorator . Transform your home into a palace of oriental tales.

Oriental decoration

FAQ: All about Arabian Nights Decoration

Why opt for an Arabian Nights decoration?

A decoration inspired by the Thousand and One Nights creates a warm, romantic and magical oriental atmosphere. It evokes dreams, mystery and exoticism.

What colors should be favored for this decoration?

Warm hues such as gold, deep red, emerald green and sapphire blue are characteristic of this decoration.

How to choose the right furniture?

Opt for carved, chiselled furniture with oriental motifs. Round coffee tables, embroidered poufs and open shelves are typical.

Are rugs essential for this style?

Yes, oriental rugs, with their intricate patterns, are essential. They add a touch of warmth and authenticity to the room.

Where can I find suitable accessories?

Shops specializing in oriental decoration, such as Decorateur Oriental , offer a wide choice of accessories such as lanterns, cushions, and mirrors.

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