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Oriental chandeliers, also called hanging lamps, are essential accessories to create an oriental atmosphere in your interior. They are perfect for bringing a warm and cozy atmosphere to your living room or bedroom. Here are some key facts about oriental chandeliers:

  • Oriental chandeliers are very popular fixtures in homes in the Middle East, Maghreb and Berber countries. They are often mosaic and are considered an important element of oriental decoration.

  • Moroccan chandeliers are one of the most popular types of oriental chandeliers. They are often handcrafted and can be very elaborate, with intricate patterns and bright colors.

  • Turkish chandeliers are also very popular. They often have elegant designs and geometric shapes, and can be made from materials such as brass and glass.

  • Ethnic chandeliers are another type of oriental chandelier that can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass.

Oriental chandeliers for every taste

Whether you are looking for a chandelier for your living room, bedroom or dining room, our collection of oriental chandeliers offers a variety of styles to suit all tastes. We have traditional chiselled brass chandeliers with elaborate floral designs to add a touch of oriental charm to your interior. We also have modern stained glass chandeliers with abstract designs to add a touch of sophistication to your decor.

Crystal chandeliers for an unforgettable glow

If you are looking for a chandelier that goes beyond the simple function of lighting, our collection of crystal chandeliers is for you. Crafted with premium quality crystals, these chandeliers add an unforgettable touch of sparkle to your home. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, our crystal chandeliers are the perfect choice for people looking for luxury and elegance.

Chandeliers for every room size

Our collection of oriental chandeliers are designed to suit all room sizes, from small bedrooms to large dining rooms. We offer chandeliers in different sizes to fit your needs. If you have a small room, a smaller chandelier will be more appropriate so as not to overwhelm the space. If you have a large room, a large chandelier can be used to create a visual statement. Whatever your choice, our oriental chandeliers will add a touch of oriental charm to your interior.

Order with confidence

At, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our exceptional customer service. All of our oriental chandeliers are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and checked to ensure top quality. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your oriental chandelier, we offer a full money back guarantee. Order now and enjoy fast, reliable delivery.

Exceptional customer service

Our customer service team is available to answer all your questions and to help you find the perfect oriental chandelier for your interior. We also offer customization options to meet your specific needs. Contact us today and let us help you add a touch of oriental charm to your home. We hope our collection of oriental chandeliers add a touch of magic to your interior. Order now and enjoy the exceptional quality and customer service of

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Oriental Chandeliers

What is the price of a chandelier?

The price of an oriental chandelier can vary depending on the size, material and complexity of the design. At, we offer a range of prices to suit all budgets, ranging from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros for the most elaborate models.

What is the difference between a chandelier and a ceiling light?

A chandelier is a light fixture suspended from the ceiling with multiple arms and decorative elements, while a ceiling light is a light fixture that is fixed directly to the ceiling and often simpler in shape. Oriental chandeliers are often more elaborate than ceiling lights and can be used to add a touch of oriental charm to your interior.

How to orient a chandelier?

To orient a chandelier, simply adjust the suspension height and the direction of the arms to illuminate the room optimally. Oriental chandeliers can be oriented in different ways to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

How to recognize a valuable chandelier?

A valuable chandelier is distinguished by the quality of its manufacture, the beauty of its materials and the complexity of its design. Valuable oriental chandeliers are often handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and feature intricate detailing and premium crystals.

How long is a chandelier worth?

The lifespan of a chandelier depends on how well it is made and maintained. Top quality oriental chandeliers can last for decades if cared for properly. It is important to regularly clean the crystals and other decorative elements to prolong the life of the chandelier.

What chandelier for the living room?

For the living room, a medium to large oriental chandelier can be used to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Chiselled brass chandeliers are perfect for a traditional style, while stained glass or crystal chandeliers can add a modern touch.

What are the types of chandelier?

There are different types of chandeliers including brass chandeliers, glass chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, modern chandeliers and traditional chandeliers. At, we offer a variety of styles to suit all tastes and needs.

What chandelier to enlarge a room?

To expand a room, it is best to use a small to medium-sized chandelier so as not to overwhelm the space. A clear glass or crystal chandelier with a clean design can reflect light and make a room feel bigger and brighter. Avoid chandeliers that are too bulky or with overly intricate designs, which can weigh down the room.

Where to place your chandelier?

The placement of a chandelier depends on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. In general, a chandelier should be hung in the center of the room for optimal lighting. If the ceiling is low, opt for a small to medium-sized chandelier and hang it high enough to keep it from getting in the way of traffic. If the ceiling is high, a taller chandelier can be used to fill the space.

Which suspension to choose Above a dining table?

To suspend a chandelier above a dining table, it is important to choose a model proportionate to the size of the table. A chandelier that is too small can look wasted, while a chandelier that is too big can weigh down the space. In general, the ideal hanging height is around 75-90cm above the table to allow a clear view of the diners. Opt for an oriental chandelier in harmony with your decoration to add a touch of refinement to your dining area. We hope these answers to our frequently asked questions have been helpful in choosing the perfect oriental chandelier for your interior. Feel free to browse our collection to discover our top quality models, handcrafted by skilled artisans and delivered directly to your home.