Collection: Oriental hanging

They are very useful for filling an empty space or modifying the general atmosphere of a room with colors reminiscent of the Maghreb.

Wall hangings are very present in the countries of the southern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

At we try to find the best fabrics and fabrics in order to satisfy you and so that you can create an oriental decor that suits you.

We have:

Let yourself be seduced by one of these styles.

The characteristics of an Oriental hanging:

Oriental hangings will generally be very different from Moroccan or ethnic canvases.

Rather than representing elements such as the sun or flora in abstract form, our oriental hangings will represent decorative elements in particular.

Of course, some will be abstract, but you will find much more realistic decorations among oriental hangings than among Moroccan hangings among others.

Most oriental hangings are made by artisans in the Middle East, despite everything, the particularly realistic canvases are printed in the factory.

Wall tapestries are among the most beautiful and important decorations in oriental interiors.