Collection: Moroccan Chandelier

As always, the Maghreb regions and particularly Morocco are an example in terms of craftsmanship in terms of interior decoration, especially on "vintage" oriental decorations.

This can be seen with these magnificent mosaic luminaires that we offer you.
Chandeliers and hanging lamps are the panache of North African culture, as they sublimely transmit the colors and the warm and cozy atmosphere, dear to Moroccan and Berber living rooms and bedrooms.

What is a Moroccan light?

Moroccan chandeliers stand out for their wrought iron structure and the beauty of the patterns they diffuse by illuminating your room.

A real Moroccan chandelier will create a soft and subdued light in your interior to create a soft, cozy and warm atmosphere. They will be less colorful than a Turkish chandelier for example.

How to hang a chandelier?

  1. Remove the old light fixture and inspect the wiring
  2. Make sure the power is off
  3. Check the strength of the electrical box (Heavy fixtures require solid boxes)
  4. Check for the presence of a ground wire
  5. Reduce work at height by pre-assembling parts on the floor
  6. Connect the wires
  7. Close the box

Attention ! If you have aluminum wiring, don't damage it! Hire a licensed professional who is certified to work with. This wiring is dull gray, not dull orange like copper.

Who to call to install pendant lighting?

A licensed electrician can install your new lighting, whether it's just replacing a fixture or powering a whole new site. A professional knows how to install a light fixture correctly and quickly, according to local codes. With a qualified electrician, you'll be enjoying your new light fixture in no time.

How to disassemble a suspension?

  1. Disconnect power to the chandelier via your circuit breaker
  2. Remove the fixture from the chandelier that connects it to the ceiling
  3. Lower the escutcheon; then, remove the fixing screws that secure it to the junction box
  4. Turn the nuts connecting each wire counter-clockwise until they come loose from the wires
  5. Unscrew the ground wire
  6. Take down the chandelier

How is the order of an oriental light placed?

Our Moroccan chandeliers are handicrafts. Once the order has been placed, it will take 2 or 3 weeks before receiving your order. This is due to the fact that the delivery is from the country of origin of the lighting and that it is a bulky object. That said, we make sure to always leave free shipping, whatever your order. Of course, our glass and mosaic chandeliers are packaged in such a way as to be perfectly protected during transport.

Where to place your Moroccan chandelier?

Arab lights and more particularly suspended ceiling lights are made to light up large rooms. A chandelier is in Morocco a sign of wealth, because it is there to illuminate large spaces, usually a living room or a dining room. You will usually find them in a typical house, with a very large, colorful and very open living room. Of course, if you do not have large indoor spaces, you can choose a smaller chandelier, wrought iron if your decoration is rather sober or mosaic if it is more colorful.

Why buy a Moroccan pendant light?

The main reason to buy a Moroccan chandelier is its aesthetic appearance. Style is therefore a priority for most people considering the purchase of a chandelier. In addition to finding an oriental light fixture that you consider stunning, you also want one that matches the style of your interior.

The style of chandeliers, Moroccan or not, is far from basic. Some are fanciful, like those one imagines in the ballroom of an Arabian palace. Others are more modern and offer a more sober style. Some still offer a retro look with their mosaic and colors. In other words, when it comes to buying a chandelier, you are spoiled for choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Chandelier

Chandeliers come in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials that it can be difficult to narrow down your search. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect when looking for a chandelier, here are some of the main factors you should keep in mind in your search.


There are understated chandeliers, modern chandeliers, and even mosaic chandeliers for those who want to add a splash of color. A chandelier doesn't have to include sparkling crystals to be elegant and classy, ​​you have tons of style options to choose from - there's a chandelier for everyone.


Don't assume the price will be too high before you start looking. Particularly large and luxurious chandeliers can cost thousands of dollars. However, there are plenty of beautiful chandeliers on the market that are more in the $100-$250 range.

If you're hiring a professional to install your chandelier — which is probably a good idea for all but the most skilled makers — you also need to consider installation costs.

Most of these additional costs will be associated with any type of lighting, so if you like the idea of ​​a chandelier but are hesitant due to cost, keep in mind that you will likely have to pay for installing whatever type of light you buy and you might as well pick the one you really want.

Height and weight

Before embarking on the purchase of a Moroccan ceiling light, it is important to know the dimensions of the space in which you plan to place it. Start by measuring the height of the ceiling. Count for your lamp about 2 centimeters high for every 30 centimeters of ceiling height.

You also need to consider the width. If it's going to hang in an oriental living room or bedroom, you have some leeway, but you'll probably want it to be less than a third of the width of the room. If your plan is to hang it over a dining table, then you need to make sure the width of the lamp is smaller than the width of the table.

Keep in mind the height of the people in your home when determining how high you should hang it. If it's too low, people might bump their heads into it. There must be a good space between people's heads and the lowest point of the chandelier. If you hang it very high, cleaning it and replacing bulbs can be a pain.

More than most lighting, chandeliers are often heavy. If you buy a light fixture that is heavy, it will affect how difficult it is to install and the risks involved if you try to install it yourself. No one wants to be in the wrong place when an improperly installed chandelier falls from the ceiling, so be aware of the additional hassles that come with purchasing these beautiful lamps.

The benefits of Moroccan ceiling lights and why having one is a must

The Moroccan ceiling lamp is one of the most popular types of lighting in the world. The reason for its popularity is that it provides a warm, natural glow. It also has a calming effect on people.

Moroccan ceiling lights also provide a feeling of luxury and elegance to any room in which they are placed. They are also very easy to install and maintain.

What is a Moroccan ceiling light?

Moroccan lamps are a traditional Moroccan light fixture. They are usually made of glass or brass.

Moroccan lamps have a long history and have been used in Morocco for centuries. They were traditionally used to light the way for travelers on roads, in homes and in mosques.

What are the benefits of owning one?

Moroccan light has long been a symbol of hospitality. It is used to create a warm and welcoming environment for customers.

The most common use of mood lights is to create an atmosphere suited to the occasion. For example, if you are hosting a party, you would want your mood lights to be bright and lively. If you are having a romantic evening with your partner, dimmer mood lights would be more appropriate.

How to Choose the Right Moroccan Light Fixture for You

Lighting is one of the most important design decisions you can make for your home. It has a big impact on how you feel when you're in a room, and it also plays an important role in the overall look of your home.

The type of fixture you choose will depend on the function of the space and the type of mood you want to create. If you're looking for something to brighten up your living room, then a chandelier might be perfect. If your bedroom has low ceilings or doesn't get much natural light, track lighting or recessed lighting might be better.

Which Moroccan lights are the best to buy and where to put them?

Moroccan lamps are a great addition to any room. They bring warmth and light. We advise you to use them in the living room for a cozy atmosphere.

Conclusion: Moroccan lamps are a great addition to any room. They provide warmth and light and we recommend using them in the living room for a cozy atmosphere.

Summary: This collection of vintage oriental lighting features magnificent mosaic chandeliers and hanging lamps inspired by Maghrebi culture, which create a soft, cozy and warm atmosphere in large rooms, especially living rooms and dining rooms. Moroccan chandeliers stand out for their wrought iron structure and the beauty of the patterns they diffuse by illuminating your room. The article gives advice on how to hang and dismantle a pendant lamp and stresses the importance of using a qualified electrician. Chandeliers are handcrafted items that can take 2-3 weeks to receive, but shipping is always free. The article explains the factors to consider when buying an oriental light fixture, including shape, size, and materials. The main reason to buy a Moroccan chandelier is its aesthetic appearance that matches the style of your interior.