Generally, a Moroccan cushion will be in warmer shades, in particular rather red with orange patterns and some blue shades.

Morocco is a country known for its cuisine, but also for its sumptuous decorations and especially the layout of its typical living rooms.

It is in these living rooms that the cushions take a very important place. They are used to decorate the room with bright colors when the rest of the furniture has softer colors, often beige or light brown.

How to choose your North African cushion?

If you decide to choose a Moroccan cushion, be careful that it sticks well with the rest of your oriental decoration, at the risk of seeing it clash completely. If you want to take one despite a paler decoration, choose a cushion with a faded or vintage effect so that it doesn't stand out too much from the decor.

Make them the same hues as your light and carpet. In addition, also check that they are in complementary colors to that of your sofa.

Thus, you will have a harmonious living room thanks to your North African cushions. Consider adding a few Berber cushions to make it all clearer.