Collection: Berber rug

Berber carpets are the most sober in our catalogs. They are easily recognizable thanks to their different geometric patterns as well as their light colors.

Our Berber rugs are woven by hand by Arab weavers, North African in most cases.
Usually they are quite small and are used to adorn a living room or a room that is not very wide.

Where to place a Berber rug?

A Berber tapestry, unlike the Persian rugs , for example, are usually very light, white or brightly colored. So you have to use it to adorn a rather bright room. This kind of accessory is essential for a successful interior decoration.

They can be used to bring clarity and color to your room, adding character to your oriental decor.

By visiting our catalog, it is certain that you will find the kind of woven tapestry that will satisfy you and help you to have a true Berber decoration worthy of the name.