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How to decorate your room for an authentic oriental atmosphere?

The bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the house, which is why its decoration must be carefully considered. In this article, we will give you tips to decorate your room with an oriental atmosphere. Follow these steps to obtain a relaxing and exotic room, while respecting the aesthetic codes of the Orient.

Oriental decoration

Choose the colors conducive to an oriental atmosphere

Color is a key element in decorating a bedroom. For an oriental atmosphere, certain colors should be favored more than others. Here are some colors to consider for your oriental bedroom:

  1. Red: warm color par excellence, it is often associated with the Orient. It symbolizes passion and energy.
  2. Orange: just like red, orange is a warm color that brings dynamism to your room.
  3. Gold: synonymous with luxury and wealth, gold is very present in oriental decoration.
  4. Brown: this earthy color evokes nature and brings a touch of warmth and authenticity to your decoration.
  5. Deep blue: often associated with the Orient, deep blue brings a touch of elegance and mystery to your decoration.

It is important to note that you can also opt for pastel shades to soften the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Selection of oriental furniture

The furniture is the central element of the decoration of your room. In the case of an oriental decoration, it is preferable to opt for solid wood furniture, finely worked, which recalls the craftsmanship of the countries of the Orient.

Here is a list of typical pieces of furniture you might consider for your oriental bedroom:

  • Solid wood bed with carved headboard
  • Chest of drawers in wood with mother-of-pearl or brass inlays
  • Oriental bedside table with carved details
  • Armchair in carved wood with cushions with oriental motifs
  • Wall mirror with an ornate metal frame

The key to a successful decoration is to marry the elements well together. It is advisable to opt for furniture in the same color tones to create visual harmony.

Oriental decoration

How to choose textiles for an oriental bedroom?

Textiles play an important role in oriental decoration. This is about choosing good quality fabrics with oriental patterns for your curtains, sheets, cushions and rugs. Materials like velvet and satin are popular choices for an oriental vibe.

Here are some suggested color and pattern combinations for your textiles:

Basic color pattern color pattern type
Red Golden Floral
deep blue White Geometric
Brown Orange Arabesque

Feel free to mix patterns and textures to create a rich and warm atmosphere.

The importance of accessories in an oriental decoration

To perfect your oriental decoration, adding accessories is essential. Oriental art is full of small objects that can add a finishing touch to your decoration. Here are some ideas for accessories to incorporate into your bedroom:

  • Oriental lamps or lanterns for subdued light
  • Mirrors with a gold or copper finish to bring brightness
  • Oriental art objects like miniatures or sculptures
  • An incense holder to diffuse oriental fragrances
  • Indoor plants to bring a touch of greenery

Remember that the key to successful decorating is balance. Do not overload the room with too many accessories.

The arrangement of space in an oriental bedroom

The layout of the space is also very important. It is necessary to create a coherent and harmonious space.

In an oriental bedroom, the bed is often placed in the center of the room to be the central element. Around it, you can arrange poufs and cushions to create a relaxation area.

Another idea could be to create a reading corner with a comfortable armchair, a reading lamp and a small table to put your books on.

It is also possible to separate your room into several zones using screens. For example, you could create a dressing area, a relaxation area and a sleeping area.

Oriental decoration


Q: What are the recommended colors for an oriental bedroom decoration?

A: Warm colors like red, orange, gold, brown and deep blue are often associated with oriental decor.

Q: What type of furniture should I choose for an oriental bedroom?

A: Opt for solid wood furniture, with carved details. Furniture lacquered in black or gold is also very characteristic of oriental decoration.

Q: What accessories can I add to my oriental room?

A: Oriental lamps, lanterns, gold or copper finished mirrors, incense holders, and oriental artwork can add the finishing touch to your decor.

In conclusion

Decorating a bedroom in an oriental style is an exercise in style that requires thought and creativity. You have to know how to mix colors, textures and patterns to create a warm and exotic atmosphere.

Remember that the most important thing is to feel good in your room. If you need help choosing your furniture and accessories, don't hesitate to visit our Oriental Decorator site for inspiration.

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