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How to decorate an entrance with an oriental touch?


The entrance is the prologue of your inner story. It's a space that, though often overlooked, has the ability to initiate the narrative of your home. Decorating your entrance with an oriental touch is a way to start this storytelling on a note of exoticism, mystery and travel. By combining warm colours, intricate patterns and carefully chosen decorative elements, you can transform a simple passage into an invitation to discovery.

Oriental decoration

Colors: an invitation to travel

Oriental decorating is known for its rich color palette, which ranges from earthy hues to vibrant shades. Using color in your entryway is an effective way to create an oriental vibe, whether you choose a bold or more subtle approach.

warm colors

Deep reds, bright oranges, golden yellows - these warm colors are a feature of oriental decoration. They recall the spectacular sunsets of the desert, the vibrant spices of the souks, and the richly embroidered carpets. A wall painted in one of these shades creates a bold backdrop for your entryway. You can balance it out with accessories in softer hues to keep the color from being too overwhelming. If you prefer a more understated approach, an oriental-patterned hall rug or colorful painting can bring a splash of color without incurring a complete overhaul of your space.

soothing colors

Oriental decorating isn't just about bold colors. The softer hues of sky blue, water green, sandy beige and off-white are also present, evoking the endless sky, the cooling oases, the sand dunes and the whitewashed architectures of the Eastern world. A wall painted in one of these shades will bring a feeling of calm and serenity to your entrance. A mirror framed with blue earthenware tiles, a natural jute rug, or a wicker basket can complete this tranquil ambiance.

Oriental decoration

Furniture and accessories: the art of hospitality

Once your color palette is set, it's time to choose your furniture and accessories. These pieces will be the elements that will bring your oriental entrance to life.


In oriental decoration, mirrors are not only functional objects, but also decorative pieces. They are often framed with finely crafted metal, carved wood, or colorful mosaic. In your hallway, a large mirror can not only make the space look bigger and brighter, but also become a focal point. Position your mirror to reflect a beautiful object or an outside view, for an even more pleasing effect.

The storage cabinet

In an entrance, the storage unit is essential to avoid clutter. Opt for a shoe cabinet in carved wood, or a console with metal details. To add an extra touch of charm, place a table lamp with a colorful shade, a small sculpture or a bouquet of dried flowers on top.

The lights

Light plays a central role in oriental decoration, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A perforated metal or colored glass lantern, suspended or placed on the ground, will diffuse a soft and colored light.

Table of suggestions for the decoration of your entrance

Decorative elements Hints
Colors Warm tones (red, orange, yellow), soft shades (sky blue, water green)
Furniture Mirror with oriental motifs, carved wooden storage unit
Lighting oriental lanterns

Oriental decoration FAQ: How to decorate an entrance with an oriental touch?

Q: What colors to choose for an oriental entrance? A: Opt for warm tones for a dynamic atmosphere, or softer hues for a serene atmosphere.

Q: Which furniture and accessories to choose for an oriental entrance? A: A mirror with oriental motifs, a functional storage unit and some lanterns will be perfect.

Q: Where can I find oriental decoration items? A: Visit our Oriental Decorator site to find a wide selection of oriental decoration products.


In conclusion, giving an oriental touch to your entrance is an original and elegant way to welcome your visitors. With these few tips, you can easily create a warm and exotic atmosphere. Do not hesitate to explore our Oriental Decorator site to find inspiration and decorative elements that will give your entrance the magic of the Orient.

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