Collection: Ethnic Table

The ethnic paintings are African canvases, painted in the rather sub-Saharan regions.

They may resemble oriental paintings in their style, since its countries are generally linked by a common religion, namely Islam.

That said, among these canvases, you will also find breathtaking representations of African places and landscapes. Something to bring a real cachet to your oriental decoration.

Where to exhibit an ethnic canvas?

An ethnic painting, contrary to what one might think, will have its place perfectly in a sober and modern decor. It will bring the colorful touch, which is often lacking in decorations that are too light.

That said, an ethnic canvas can also find its place perfectly in a living room or bedroom decorated in a North African or Oriental way. In reality, there are as many possible uses as there are different paintings, because the ethnic style is very vast.

If you prefer more elegant paintings, our Berber paintings will no doubt satisfy you.

What is ethnic painting?

Ethnic painting is a term that refers to the art of painting, drawing, and other forms of visual representation that features designs drawn from the culture and traditions of any ethnic group.

The term can also be used to refer to works created in this style. Ethnic paintings are often cultural markers that represent religious beliefs or practices, as well as social customs and traditions.

African painting styles and techniques

African painting styles and techniques are characterized by the use of bright colors, geometric shapes and patterns. African paintings are also known for their use of natural imagery such as animals and plants.

The most popular artistic technique in Africa is batik. This involves the application of wax to the fabric, which is then dyed with plant-based dyes. This technique was introduced to Africa by Indian traders in the 18th century.

The second most popular art technique in Africa is mud cloth, or Adire. It involves applying mud to a piece of cotton cloth and binding it tightly to create an even surface with no visible brush strokes.

What materials are used for ethnic painting?

Paints are usually composed of pigments and a vehicle. The vehicle is the liquid that carries the pigment to the surface of the paint. It can be water, egg white or other liquids.

Pigments are organic or inorganic substances that have color and are used to create paint. They are usually ground into a fine powder before being mixed into a vehicle and applied to a surface.

Materials for ethnic painting depend on what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to imitate stone, you would use earth colors like ocher or sienna. If you wanted to imitate metal, you would use silver or gold leaf as the paint.