Collection: Berber cushion

Berber cushions, or rather Berber cushion covers, are refined and very important products in an oriental decoration.

You will never see a Berber living room without a decorative cushion. Generally, the covers of these cushions are very neat with many patterns, usually floral and beautiful shimmering colors, red, orange and blue depending on the model.

Do not confuse here pillows and cushions. At dé we only sell cushions intended for living room decoration.

How to decorate your living room with a Berber cushion?

Berber cushions should be placed on sofas or armchairs to adorn your living room and add relief.

Berber cushions are usually very colorful and have a lot of patterns, which makes them a really important decorative object for the overall atmosphere of your interior.

Take care to keep a consistency between your sofa, light, carpet and your cushions in order to have a really pleasant decor. To add even more comfort to your living room or bedroom, we recommend our kilim cushions .