Chic and modern oriental decoration

The decorations of the Near East and the south of the Mediterranean are recognized for their very particular atmosphere. Generally very warm, cozy and very colorful at the same time.


The combinations of warm colours, the stained glass windows, the mosaics, the large sofas embellished with beautiful cushions without forgetting the sumptuous art of North African and Persian tapestries. It is all these elements that make the Orient a region so famous for its interior decorations.

If you are looking to decorate your interior, bedroom or living room, using oriental decorative objects, such as mosaic lamps, Persian or African tapestries, Moroccan poufs or kilim cushions, you have come to the right place.

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Arabic paintings

What better way to decorate your interior in an oriental style than our Arabic paintings. Discover our wide choice of canvas. You will be able to find Arabic calligraphy, beautiful African landscapes, ethnic motifs and of course magnificent oriental paintings.

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Turkish lamps

Turkish lamps are a real plus to give your interior an oriental atmosphere. Thanks to their superb mosaic, your decor will be colored with a beautiful light reminiscent of the stained glass windows of traditional oriental houses. All colors are available to perfectly embellish your decoration and give a superb atmosphere to your rooms.

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Oriental ceiling lights

For all your rooms, opt for an oriental ceiling light. It will allow you to illuminate your interior with superb giving it a North African or Middle Eastern atmosphere. Whether it's your bedroom, living room or even dining room, a ceiling light is a good choice of decoration to give character and an oriental identity to your decoration.

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The different shades of oriental decoration

The Arabic style of decoration is a rich and diverse tradition. It is an ancient art form, which has influenced decorating styles in many other countries.

These are not only paintings and pottery, but also textiles, draperies and carpets. The use of these materials creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house.

Traditional Moroccan decoration

Moroccan decoration is characterized by its mixture of Andalusian architecture and traditional Berber design.

The decorations are expressed mainly through mosaics, rugs, carpets, cushions, textiles and pottery.

Moroccan decorations are usually created with different colors that represent different meanings: white for purity, red for love and affection or green for fertility.

Middle Eastern style

In the Middle East, decoration is a very important part of the culture. It reflects people's attitude towards life and their respect for humanity.

The Arabic decorating style is one that has made its way into many homes around the world. Saudi Arabia is one such country that has contributed to this style with its beautiful buildings and mosques.

Sub-Saharan decoration

Sub-Saharan decoration is a style of decoration that is used on the African continent. It emphasizes natural materials like wood, textiles and clay. Decorations are usually formal and traditional.

Sub-Saharan decoration has its roots in Cameroonian decorations which were made from local materials like wood, animal skins, clay and other natural resources. The Congolese style is also very similar to this type of decoration because it uses two-dimensional paintings on the walls and three-dimensional sculptures to decorate the houses.

South African design is also influenced by this type of decoration as they use a lot of textiles, beads and shells for their decorations.

Modern Turkish decoration

Turkish decoration is an amalgamation of cultures and influences. It is a fusion of the culture and traditions of the Ottoman Empire, European influences and modern times.

Turkish decoration is known for its use of bright colors, intricate patterns and geometric shapes. This type of design was influenced by the culture of the Ottoman Empire. The culture of the empire was influenced by Islamic art which used geometric shapes to represent power and wealth.

The chic Berber decoration

The Berber style of decoration is part of Algerian culture. The Kabyle people are an ethnic group that inhabits the mountainous region of northeastern Algeria. They have their own language and traditions.

The Berbers are known for their colorful weaving and craftsmanship, which can be seen in the traditional rugs and cushion covers they make. These items are popular with tourists who visit the areas where they live.

Islamic decoration

Islamic decoration is an Islamic art form that is characterized by the use of geometric shapes and patterns. The main purpose of Islamic decoration is to provide a visual representation of beauty and oneness with Allah.

Islamic decoration has been influenced by the cultures that have come into contact with it, but the basic principles have remained unchanged.

Oriental and ethnic decoration

At, we offer objects of oriental decoration. Let yourself be seduced by the typically North African, Berber or Middle Eastern styles of our lights.

Thanks to our decorative accessories, you can bring the east into your living room or bedroom.

Our Persian rugs, oriental cushions, Arabic lighting, Berber plaids and handcrafted Middle Eastern paintings will convince you to bring an ethnic touch inside you.

Our oriental decoration collections

Discover all our most beautiful collections of oriental, Berber and ethnic decoration. Here you will find all kinds of lighting, carpets, linens and wall decoration that will allow you to decorate your home in the typical Maghreb or Middle Eastern way.

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Are you looking for an oriental boutique offering designer products for your bedroom or living room?
Would you like to decorate your home with mosaic, colourful, vintage or modern lighting?
The Moroccan, oriental or ethnic style has always made you dream and you would like a similar interior?

At décorateur-oriental, we try to offer you the best quality interior decoration items possible. We mainly sell North African, Berber, Turkish and Persian style decorations, in order to best decorate your living room.

We have products in every design to fit perfectly into any ambience, whether heirloom or modern. In addition, all our tapestries and all our lights are handmade, in order to recreate as faithfully as possible an oriental decor.

Our commitment is also to keep the prices as low as possible so that everyone can decorate their interior in the oriental style and create the atmosphere they want for their living room. It is with this in mind that we have decided to leave free delivery regardless of your address.

In short, thanks to us you will be able to create an oriental, Moroccan, ethnic or Berber decor, design, modern or vintage, and thus have the interior decoration you have always dreamed of.

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