luminous quranic night light

Livraison gratuite

Discover this superb luminous Koranic night light.

  • Please press the mode button, for single mode, press again. Working time: 8-10 hours
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours. FM radio function. Support recording function. Support mp3 function.
  • You can download Islamic music, speeches, etc.
  • The complete Quran with 18 world famous reciters and 14 translation languages, suitable for offices and homes. A unique, bluetooth, wireless, portable, LED touch lamp speaker with 7 ambient colors.

    The speaker also offers sahih muslim, sahih bukhari, hisnul muslim, ruqyah, dua hajj, hadith, nasheed ,qaida noorania and much more. Use the remote control to control the quran speaker and enjoy listening.

    Listening to the audio of the quran, word by word, makes it easier to learn the quran; listening to translation allows you to select your native language to understand the meaning of quran. support all mp3 audio files.

    Equipped with a high-definition speaker, the sound quality is very good. To listen to quran audio and any translation at the same time,