quranic night light adhan

Livraison gratuite

Teach your children about Islam with this Quranic adhan night light.

  • Style Islamic Muslim Quran Learning Material
  • Colors/Recite/Multiple Languages/Timing function
  • Feature: Full Quran and quick surah ayat
  • Select Support Touch/Remote/Bluetooth/Phone Application
  • Product packaging size 17 × 16 × 14cm

The Adhan Koranic night light is a unique and different night light from those that can be found on the market, because it has the Adhan (call to prayer) function, the alarm clock mode and a digital clock.

The electronic components of this night light ensure optimal sound quality and an exceptional lifespan. Elegant, with its wooden-look base, the Adhan Quran night light comes with its user manual.

Also, for its setting, it has its different city codes allowing the automatic calculation of prayer times. A remote control and a mains charger are provided in a neat package.

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