Blue Tuareg painting

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See our beautiful painting of blue Tuareg in the desert.

  • Origin: Maghreb
  • Design: Tuaregs, camels, Berber
  • Feature: Canvas
  • Type: Painting
  • Certification: Handcrafted

Discover this magnificent canvas showing a desert nomad accompanied by his dromedary. This painting depicts the famous blue Tuaregs of the Sahara. The style of this work is warm and recalls the colors of the North African desert. It will perfectly adorn your oriental decor or even a simple modern decoration.

Who are the Tuaregs?

The Tuaregs are a nomadic people who live in the Sahara desert and are often called "blue men" because of the blue clothes they wear on their heads and around their faces. They have lived in this area for over 3,000 years. The Tuareg language is a Berber language related to other African languages spoken by other ethnic groups in North Africa.

The nomadic Tuaregs of the Sahara

The Tuareg Sahara is a desert in the North African region and covers about 20% of the entire region.

The Tuareg Sahara is one of the hottest places on earth, with temperatures reaching up to 55 degrees Celsius in summer. The climate is very dry and sandstorms are frequent in this region.

The Tuaregs live here, and they are known for their nomadic way of life. They also have a caste system which has been influenced by Islam and Arabic culture.

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