hand of fatima wall decoration

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Discover the originality of this "Hand of Fatima" wall decoration.

The Hand of Fatima is a common symbol in Islamic art and architecture. It is also an amulet or a talisman to ward off the "evil eye". This 30cm Hand of Fatima has been designed to be hung on the wall, so it is perfect for a home or office.

Spiritual application of Fatima's hand.

Fatima's hand is a symbol of faith and hope. The hand of Fatima is said to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye.⁣⁣

This light up wall decor is perfect for anyone looking for an extra layer of protection in their home or business.⁣⁣

With our Islamic decorations , create a more spiritual interior.

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Otherwise, protect your home from the evil eye with our hand of fatima decorations .